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'The Woman From Prague': How To Crowdsource An Interview On Social Media When You're Tired Of Writing Promotional Posts

Interview by Rob Hart
Pirate novels, Krav Maga, crabs, and one answer that'll probably make a whole bunch of people angry.
Class, Genre, JS Breukelaar, teaching, Weird Fiction

A Conversation with JS Breukelaar about Teaching, Weird Fiction, and Her New Novel 'Aletheia'

Interview by Rob Hart
JS Breukelaar—instructor of our recurring workshop 'Writing the Weird'—has a new book out! Paul Tremblay says 'Aletheia' is 'a melancholy and affecting mix of literary, noir, and horror by the lake.'

Sinners and Sharks: An Interview with Married Lit Couple Tiffany Reisz and Andrew Shaffer

Interview by Christoph Paul
I interview married couple, Andrew Shaffer and Tiffany Reisz, on writing, publishing, and who cleans their cat kitty litter.
Arianne “Tex” Thompson

Cowboys, Natives, and Fishmen—Oh My! An Interview with Rural Fantasy Author Tex Thompson

Interview by Annie Neugebauer
An interview w/ rural fantasy author Tex Thompson: her passion for the writing community, teaching those who want to learn, cons of all stripes, and her weird western series Children of the Drought.
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A Conversation with MP Johnson About Language, Masculinity, and Her New Zine 'Trans Mess'

Interview by Rob Hart
Rob Hart talks to MP Johnson about her new zine, which collects funny, poignant, and personal snippets of her lifelong struggle with gender identity and transition to female.
Interview, Hardboiled, Kristen Lepionka

A Conversation with Kristen Lepionka About Private Investigators, Bisexuality, and Her Debut Novel 'The Last Place You Look'

Interview by Rob Hart
Rob Hart grills Kristen Lepionka on her new PI novel, which introduces the world to Roxane Weary--a character that strikes a fantastic balancing act between hardboiled and feminine.
Fake Punk News: An Interview with Hard Times Founder/Editor Matt Saincome

Fake Punk News: An Interview with Hard Times Founder/Editor Matt Saincome

Interview by Christoph Paul
Christoph Paul interviews the founder and head editor of popular punk satire site The Hard Times.
Nik Korpon, audiobooks, Sci-Fi

A Conversation with Nik Korpon on 'Blade Runner,' Audiobook Pronunciation, and His New Novel 'The Rebellion's Last Traitor'

Interview by Rob Hart
In Nik Korpon's latest, memory is a commodity bought, sold, and experienced like a drug. He talks a bit about 'The Rebellion's Last Traitor,' the first in a series at Angry Robot Books.
Person/A-L Rejection: An Interview with Elizabeth Ellen

Person/A-L Rejection: An Interview with Elizabeth Ellen

Interview by Brian Allen Carr
The interviewer becomes the interviewee in this (sometimes heated?) exchange.
Secrets of the Slush: An Interivew with Editor and Author, Michael Nye

Secrets of the Slush: An Interview with Editor and Author, Michael Nye

Interview by Fred Venturini
April 20, 2017 (1) comments
Michael Nye is here to help authors get inside the head of an editor and avoid the slush pile.