Writers Helping Writers : From The Workshop

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"Oxygen to the Brain" by chris_diplacito
Life can be suffocating.
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"Take One " by Bellbird
Mitch is an Army intelligence officer who is in love with his wife - and his job. Winnie is fed up with Mitch's broken promises. Their 14-year...
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"The God Stone" by Linden
Prologue: Through a chilling coincidence, young, WWII British agent Julianne Burton, ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet, is drawn into the war...
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"The Black Hole Cleaning Company" by VividVoid
Domo wants to escape the money game. As an investor, he knows he must take risks. But this risk is quantum. He buys ten-thousand black hole vacuums...
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"The Murdered Girls Ballad" by laurieberke
A dysfunctional marriage comes to a dystopian ending

Sharpen Your Skills : Essays On Writing

Chuck Palahniuk

One Word Leads To The Next: Unconventional Conjunctive Devices

From: Chuck Palahniuk
An essay that explores unconventional conjunctive devices and how they can link a story together, making it more like a song or piece of music.
Chuck Palahniuk

The Haunting: How To Conquer The Shame Of Being A Writer

From: Chuck Palahniuk
An essay about why the vocation of writing can sometimes feel shameful, and how to own that shame and then eventually conquer it.