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Fun, Spooky Small Businesses to Support

While it's always spooky season for horror writers, I have to admit that the consumer in me gets giddy around this ...

Sara Tantlinger

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Beowulf Is The Greatest Classic Book, And I Will Not Be Taking Any Questions At This Time

Header images: Books, Barbarian There's always someone out there trying to prove that one book or another is the all-...

Peter Derk

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Storyville: Tropes As a Jumping-Off Point

(For reference, check out as it has a TON of great information.)

Richard Thomas

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Recent Interviews

More Than Sheep: An Account of Kiwi Horror with Lee Murray

Lee Murray is arguably Aotearoa’s most successful contemporary horror writer.

Lindy Ryan

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Caleb Caudell: The Illusion of Connection

Indiana author Caleb Caudell's new short story collection, Novelty (Bonfire Books), is so masterfully construc...

Gabriel Hart

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Alex Kazemi: "I Hope It Is Career Suicide"

It hinged on suspicious; suddenly, me and other authors I know received a book called New Millennium Boyz by A...

Gabriel Hart

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Recent Essays

One Word Leads To The Next: Unconventional Conjunctive Devices

The other day a friend was doing a crossword puzzle and asked me, “What song begins ‘It’s nine o’clock on a Saturda...

Chuck Palahniuk

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The Haunting: How To Conquer The Shame Of Being A Writer

The question is where to begin. One option is last autumn, when I was walking the dog past a construction site wher...

Chuck Palahniuk

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Consider This: Undecidability

Whether you’re making music or films or painting pictures… play to the strengths of your medium.  One of th...

Chuck Palahniuk

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Recent Reviews

“Never Whistle at Night: An Indigenous Dark Fiction Anthology” edited by Shane Hawk & Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr.

There’s a belief across numerous cultures that whistling at nighttime can attract evil spirits and misfortune. Henc...

Christopher Shultz

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How a Resurrection Really Feels: "The Gospel of The Hold Steady"

It seems that to be a fan of The Hold Steady, or at least a guest writer in the quite culty and obsessively—both tr...

Ben Tanzer

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"Bridge" by Lauren Beukes

Bridget Kittinger has spent her life trying to reconcile the memories of her childhood with the reality of the wor...

Jena Brown

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