Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk's 2014-2015 Essays

Chuck surprised us all with a new batch of essays for 2014 & 2015! There is no exact timeline on how these will roll out, so just keep an eye on the site.
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Notes on the Craft

Concrete, practical methods for improving your writing.
Chuck Palahniuk

36 Writing Essays by Chuck Palahniuk

36 exclusive craft essays on writing you won't find anywhere else online. The knowledge here is equivalent to what you'd get in an MFA program.
Holly Kothe

6 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Dirty Words (Grammatically, Of Course)

In: Grammar
You don’t want your expletives to be too dirty. I mean, the fun kind of dirty, yes, but dirty, lousy with grammar and punctuation mistakes? No fuckin’ way.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Introducing Your Children to Horror

In: Research
A guide to turning your kids on to horror.
Taylor Houston

12 Grammar and Writing Tips from Archer

In: Grammar
The animated show 'Archer' is a grammar-lovers wet dream.
Repo Kempt

5 Tips on Researching Legal Jargon for Writers

In: Research
Whether your protagonist is a hotshot attorney walking into a murder trial or a convicted criminal awaiting his appeal, it’s important that you maintain your authority by using the correct jargon.
Susan DeFreitas

10 Mistakes (Almost) Every Rookie Writer Makes — Part Two

In: Grammar
Or, Stuff That Makes You Look Wet Behind the Ears, Part Two: The Craft Edition.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Six Dark Contemporary Films That Can Inspire Your Fiction

Here are some of my favorite recent films, and ways they can inform and inspire your writing.
Leah Dearborn

The Optical Illusion of Perspective In Storytelling

Skilled writers perform a kind of optical illusion of the mind's eye, creating language that matches and expands upon our own real life experiences.
Christopher Shultz

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Badlands'

In: Structure
How effective is the first act of Terrence Malick's debut feature on the page?
Leah Dearborn

Finding Poetry In Computer Code

In: Structure
Is there a linguistic elegance to code? Is it only ever for issuing commands, or can it be for the enjoyment of the programmer?
Susan DeFreitas

Five (Dirty Little) Truths about Proofreading

In: Grammar
No one wants your book to be perfect more than your proofreader. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: The DOs and DONTs of Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

In: Research
Advice on how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign from someone who's done it.
Rob Hart

Finding Story Inspiration in Strip Clubs

In: Research
If you want to get the feel for a town, strip clubs are a good place to start. Rob Hart shares his strip club experiences and how they've influenced his new novel, CITY OF ROSE.
Leah Dearborn

The Architecture of Fantasy: How Authors Use Real Places To Build Imaginary Ones

In: Setting
Sometimes our world and others overlap, like the center of a Venn diagram. These new worlds that still retain vestiges of our own offer a unique angle; they allow the author to make comparisons.
BH Shepherd

Words Mightier Than Bullets: Tarantino on Story

In: Theme
A look at the theme of storytelling throughout Quentin Tarantino's filmography.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Love in Fiction

How to write about love in your fiction.

Making A Murderer: How Good Storytelling Made It So Damn Compelling

'Making A Murderer' was a fascinating story, but good storytelling made it truly excellent.
JS Breukelaar

Five Literary Sex Scenes You Wish You'd Written

In: Structure
Unearned sex scenes are hard to swallow. Here are five writers that get to the guts of what's at stake when we get naked.
Taylor Houston

The Dreaded R-Word: The Goods and Evils of Rhetoric

In: Grammar
Seems like "rhetoric" is always in the news lately. And it's never good. But why?
George Cotronis

Self-Editing For Dummies

In: Rewriting
You want to edit your own writing. Here's how to get started.
Christine J. Schmidt

Advice From A Literary Character: Bridget Jones

In: Character
One of your favorite literary characters takes on life's big questions.