Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk's 2014-2015 Essays

Chuck surprised us all with a new batch of essays for 2014 & 2015! There is no exact timeline on how these will roll out, so just keep an eye on the site.
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Notes on the Craft

Concrete, practical methods for improving your writing.
Chuck Palahniuk

36 Writing Essays by Chuck Palahniuk

36 exclusive craft essays on writing you won't find anywhere else online. The knowledge here is equivalent to what you'd get in an MFA program.
Gabino Iglesias

8 Writing and Researching Tools You Might be Ignoring

In: Research
When it comes to writing and research, some really useful tools are hiding in plain sight. Here's a list of my favorites.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Pacing and Depth in Short Fiction vs. Novels

In: Setting
Thoughts on the differences between novels and short stories, specifically when it comes to pacing and depth.
Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Be Childish Because It’s Robert McCloskey’s Birthday

In: Voice
Timeless literature begins with the youngest readers.
Fred Venturini

Reality in Fiction: The Invisible Signature of Your Favorite Authors

The role of real events in fictional stories is an unavoidable aspect of an author's signature voice—and even the authors themselves don't know where the line between the two is drawn.
Cina Pelayo

Donald Maas and The Emotional Craft of Fiction Writing

Take your readers on an emotional journey that will stay with them even after the final page is turned.
Gabino Iglesias

What Reviewing Nonfiction Taught Me About Writing Fiction

Reviewing nonfiction taught me a few tricks that helped improve my approach to writing fiction.

Tweak Those Boring, Stereotypical White Dude Characters

In: Character
I hate to say it in this context, but you can do better.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Letting Film Unblock, Inspire, and Add Depth to Your Fiction

In: Research
Tips on how film can help unblock, inspire, and add depth to your fiction.

How to Approach the Second Draft of Your Novel-in-Making

In: Rewriting
As C.J. Cherryh wrote, “It is perfectly okay to write garbage — as long as you edit brilliantly.” Here are five tips on how to approach the second draft of your novel-in-making.
BH Shepherd

Beyond the Comfort Zone: Writing Outside Your Box

In: Poetry
An exploration of how writing in unfamiliar genres and formats can help you grow as a writer.
Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Stop Being Lazy and Write Different Types of Characters

Stereotypes are played out. It's time to get REAL and write people the way they actually are.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: How Travel Can Inform Your Writing

In: Research
Tips on how travel can inform your fiction.
Andrea J. Johnson

13 Reasons Why Your Novel Sucks At Diversity

In: Character
A list of thirteen egregious offenses committed while creating diverse stories, coupled with solutions writers can adopt to approach race or any other minority status with sensitivity and respect.

Revisiting Old Works-in-Progress: 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of It

In: Rewriting
Just because a story is old doesn’t automatically mean that it’s terrible. Here are five tips on how to make the most of an ancient manuscript that you might have once forgotten in a drawer somewhere.
Cina Pelayo

The Top Three Things Your Character Needs

In: Character
Want to write memorable characters? You're going to want to give them these.
Jessica Marie Baumgartner

So You Want to Write Women

In: Character
Writing women sounds easy... until you have to make them realistic. How does an author craft female characters that real women can relate to?
Max Booth III

Two Truths and One Lie: How to Use Real Experience to Write a Story

In: Structure
Formulating a three-act structure by recycling traumatic memories.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Living Vicariously Through Our Fiction

Some thoughts on how and why we live through our stories and protagonists.
Christopher Shultz

Is It Really Such A Bad Thing To Give The Audience What They Want?

Fan service is seen as a four-letter word, but that doesn't mean it's actually a curse.
Cina Pelayo

Writing a Novel With Save the Cat!

The Cat has had its way with the screenplay, and now it has turned its sights on novels.
Autumn Christian

5 Lessons Fiction Writers Can Learn From Video Games

If you're a writer who likes games and needed an excuse to play more, here it is.