Internet Archive Is NOT Like Your Library

Column by Peter Derk
No matter how badly you want to steal books, it just ain't right.

Mystery Loves Company

Column by Roy Christopher
When it comes to writing, does a meandering or aligned path change the end result?

Meet the 2022 Bram Stoker Awards® Poetry Nominees

Column by Lindy Ryan
The final ballot for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection.

The Disappointing Over-Simplification of Anne Rice’s The Mayfair Witches

Column by Megan J. Kaleita
I was hoping the volume of source material alone would give producers the ability to start on the right foot...

On Readability: The Joy Of Reading Plays Part 2

Column by Christopher Shultz
Ten years ago I wrote a love letter to Eugene O'Neill. I'd like to revise my statements.

Writer’s Block And The New Writer: What My 11-Year-Old Daughter Learned At Authorcon 2

Some generous pros give a budding writer advice on an age-old affliction.

Thoughts From a Short Story Contest Judge

Column by Kleopatra Olympiou
I've been a judge for a short story contest for the last three years. Here's what I learned.

Batman, BatGod, Batinstitution: How and Why Batman Changes

Column by Peter Derk
What Batman's changes say about comics, and what they say about all of us.

The Most Dynamic Siblings in Literature

Column by Jena Brown
Sibling relationships exist on a spectrum. Here are some of the most dynamic in literature.

Storyville: What We Can Learn From Reading Bad Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
What can a bad story teach us? Turns out, it's a lot.