What The Dark Knight Can Learn From The Avengers

Column by BH Shepherd
June 29, 2012 (13) comments
What can the Dark Knight learn from the most successful superhero movie ever?

Scandalous! Is Edward Rochester A Feminist?

Column by Meredith Borders
June 29, 2012 (6) comments
Welcome to a new column here at LitReactor in which Meredith boldly voices an unpopular opinion about a beloved novel.

Fifty Shades of Pay: A Failed Attempt To Get Rich By Writing Erotica

Column by Jack Joslin
June 28, 2012 (14) comments
Should we give E.L. James a little more credit? A hands-on attempt at mimicking her success by erotica...

YA Superstar: John Green

Column by Sarah Pitre
June 28, 2012 (6) comments
The man, the myth, the legend. 'Looking For Alaska' author, John Green.

Passing Strange: 15 Of The Most Bizarre Author Deaths On Record

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
June 27, 2012 (13) comments
A list of authors whose passing couldn't have been stranger if they'd written it themselves.

Writing In Parallel

Column by Jon Gingerich
June 27, 2012 (1) comments
One of the biggest mistakes committed by both beginning and experienced writers is a failure to craft sentences that transmit information clearly, evenly, and with an emphasis on what’s important.

Book vs. Film vs. Mini Series: The Shining

Column by Karina Wilson
June 26, 2012 (16) comments
King vs. Kubrick vs. King? Who gets to smack who down in the three-way Tragedy of the Overlook Hotel?

The Building of Worlds

Column by Rajan Khanna
June 26, 2012 (5) comments
An examination of worldbuilding in fantasy fiction. What constitutes good worldbuilding? And why would worldbuilding be a bad thing?

The Long & Winding Road: Part V - Submitting to Publishers

Column by Kelly Thompson
June 25, 2012 (2) comments
Part 5 in a series chronicling my experiences with my first novel, including securing an agent and submitting to publishers. Part 5 details submitting to publishers.

LURID: Bad Trips - Ten Novels With Serious Drug Psychosis

Column by Karina Wilson
June 22, 2012 (15) comments
Despite the novelty of bath salts headlines, substance-induced psychosis is nothing new. Here's the Lurid Top Ten pick of the most nerve-jangling drug addiction stories from the last 200 years