The Spiraling Narrative

Column by Jon Gingerich
April 26, 2012 (3) comments
Plots shouldn't unfold with cause-and-effect insomuch as careful repetitions of symbolism and theme. Here's one way you can do this without forcing the story to wear symbolism on it sleeve.

LURID: Aleister Crowley - Print The Legend!

Column by Karina Wilson
April 26, 2012 (4) comments
Aleister Crowley shaped the twentieth century in all kinds of strange ways. Lurid takes a look at the legend behind the man, and how the facts of his wild life manifested in all kinds of fiction.

Thomas Pynchon: A Primer

Column by Jack Joslin
April 25, 2012 (7) comments
A look at the bizarre and daunting works of the mysterious Thomas Pynchon.

Fallen Idols: Disappointing Truths About Five Famous Authors

Column by Cath Murphy
April 25, 2012 (27) comments
Like most readers, I want authors to 'fit' the fiction they create, and when they fail to live up to my myths about them, I get fractious.

The Top 10 Royal Historical Novels

Column by Meredith Borders
April 24, 2012 (5) comments
It's a very specific genre, and one that Meredith just happens to love. She's read most of them, so what are her favorites?

World Book and Copyright Day –The Best Holiday You Never Heard Of

Column by Taylor Houston
April 23, 2012 (3) comments
Books are the best! So let's celebrate them today--a day marked by literary history!

Down The Rabbit Hole: Following Comic Book Creators

Column by Kelly Thompson
April 20, 2012 (3) comments
After being burned by comics far too many times, I've started to follow creators rather than characters, publishers, or properties, and it has brought me to some excellent books.

Off the Beaten Path: Non-Traditional Fantasy Settings

Column by Rajan Khanna
April 19, 2012 (12) comments
A look at five fantasy settings that veer away from the well-trod ground of worlds based on medieval Europe. Five fresh and vibrant worlds to experience to see what fantasy can do.

Three Comma Rules You Need to Learn Now! NO MORE EXCUSES!

Column by Taylor Houston
April 19, 2012 (21) comments
There's comes a point in every writer's life when the excuses for not learning how to use commas correctly simply run out. This is that time. Learn these. Right now. Or else.

Book Brawl: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Vs. The Magicians

Column by Meredith Borders
April 18, 2012 (9) comments
The first novel in Lev Grossman's wizard school trilogy is a thematic successor to the Rowling juggernaut. But can it hold its own in the Book Brawl ring? It's up to you, LitReactor readers!