Book Brawl: Geek Love vs. Water for Elephants

Column by Meredith Borders
October 21, 2011 (8) comments
'Geek Love' and 'Water For Elephants' each detail the daily lives of circus workers in vastly different ways. What novel will win the coveted honor of literary victor?

Books Without Borders: Life after Liquidation

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen
October 20, 2011 (6) comments
Plenty of publishers and booksellers, authors and editors, baristas, retailers, and representatives worked with Borders to stock the shelves, sign books, make deals and jerk lattes. So what now?

Storyville: Finding Your Voice

Column by Richard Thomas
October 19, 2011 (43) comments
Embarking on the quest to find your very own literary voice

Philip Roth: A Primer

Column by Phil Jourdan
October 19, 2011 (1) comments
Primer is a new column which introduces you to a popular author. This month we look at the works of Phil Roth and his trio: 'American Pastoral,' 'The Human Stain' and 'I Married a Communist.'

Don't Leave Me Hanging...

Column by Taylor Houston
October 17, 2011 (5) comments
The ending is the most important part, and as a writer you should want to write a spectacular ending because, hey, you did a heck-of-a-lot of work on the beginning and middle parts.

The Top 10 Scenes In Literature To Bring You Terrorsleep: Part 1

Column by Tina Estlin Page
October 17, 2011 (21) comments
Books that go bump in the night.

Cavalcade Of Literary Jerks: Part 2

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
October 14, 2011 (23) comments
Yes they are all esteemed authors. Yes they've published some important works. And yes, they're all jerks. Join us in celebrating the Top 10 literary jerks of all time.

Sitting In On Chuck Palahniuk & Friend's Writer's Workshop

Column by Kasey Carpenter
October 14, 2011 (7) comments
Kasey Carpenter sits in on Chuck's Portland-based writer's workshop for an evening of reading and reviewing.

An Exquisite Corpse: Tips for Brainstorming your National Novel Writing Month Plot

Column by Taylor Houston
October 13, 2011 (5) comments
How to Generate plot ideas for your NaNoWriMo novel.

Neglected Books: 'On Moral Fiction', 'The Mismeasure of Man' and 'The Man Who Died'

Column by Phil Jourdan
October 12, 2011 (9) comments
Moral fiction, IQ phoniness, and Jesus-themed erotica: Books you should rediscover soon.