Would Jane Austen Write A Blog? (and other things writers probably shouldn't do)

Column by Cath Murphy
November 16, 2012 (7) comments
Being it is NaNoWriMo, it seems right to look back at the great writers of our time and ask if they would have joined in, or laughed their asses off instead.

10 Must Read Indie Comics!

Column by Kelly Thompson
November 16, 2012 (10) comments
10 monthly independent comics you simply must be reading!

Cozy Up With Cool Weather Reads

Column by Meredith Borders
As the air grows cooler and the days shorter, what books best suit the winter months?

LURID: In Cold Blood - The Art of Murder

Column by Karina Wilson
Can violent death be art? On the anniversary of the Clutter murders, Lurid takes a look at the controversies still swirling around Truman Capote's non-fiction classic, "In Cold Blood."

10 Things You Should Know About Plurals

Column by Taylor Houston
November 14, 2012 (4) comments
When you have more than one, sometimes just adding an "s" doesn't cut it. Here are few things you should know about plural nouns.

Library Love: Library Spaces In A Virtual World

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Why use a library when there's Wi-Fi at Starbucks and "everything" is online? Is there a reason to visit a library anymore?

Ask the Agent: Wooing Agents, Focus, and More

Column by Bree Ogden
November 12, 2012 (1) comments
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent, I’ll explore and dissect two of the industry’s mysteries, straight from the shoulder.

From Page To Screen: The 10 Best Film Adaptations Of Classic Novels

Column by Meredith Borders
November 9, 2012 (22) comments
In anticipation of Joe Wright's ANNA KARENINA, a list of the best ever movies based on classic literature.

8 Words to Seek and Destroy in Your Writing

Column by Robbie Blair
November 9, 2012 (58) comments
8 frequently abused words or phrases that gum up your content. Stars of the show include "suddenly," "then," "is," "started," "very," "that," "like," and "in order to."

Technology: Help Or Hindrance To Writers?

Column by Kimberly Turner
November 8, 2012 (11) comments
Is technology increasing your productivity as a writer or distracting your muse?