Placebo Junkie
In: Horror, Novel Excerpt 0 reviews
The quest for knowledge is littered with things you don’t want to know.
In: Horror, Short Story 1 reviews
Soldiers trapped in a bunker are surrounded by beasts.
In: Flash Fiction, Slipstream 3 reviews
This is a story I wrote about the theme obscenity.
A tale of rising and falling fortunes centered around a pawnshop in Brooklyn in the height of the housing crisis.
In: Flash Fiction, Slipstream 5 reviews
Mars looks like heaven in all the advertisements. But what's it like when you actually get there? Find out in MARS, a satire of the way our culture sells parenthood.
In: Horror, Short Story 2 reviews
Declan MaCarry is an overworked and underpaid employee for Smeaton Town Council. As his mental health begins to decline he is drawn by a mysterious force to the local woods.
In: Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
Duane is returning to apologize to his sister Holly for not noticing their uncle's abuse of her. But he will find things are not quite what he thinks.
In: Novel Excerpt, Subversive 0 reviews
Earth is in trouble. The Zanchee can help, but their laws prevent it. Axel, the Zanchee leader's teenage son, is determined to find a way to prevent humanity's destruction. But he will need help.
Bryan Dean Johnson
In: Essay, Narrative non-fiction 5 reviews
A woman called out a homeless man for lewd behavior on a crowded train. I got up to help, but my attempt at heroism didn't go as planned.
In: Literary, Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
Horatio Nelson, the hero of England's navy should've died at Trafalgar, only he didn't. He wakes up to find his wife has gone missing. The world is broken, things are not as they're supposed to be.
Hugh Dufour
In: Sci-fi, Short Story 3 reviews
A young doctor and an airline stewardess head out into the ruins of Chernobyl and stumble upon a dead body.
Cory Michael Tobin
In: Novel Excerpt, Thriller 2 reviews
First page of a new project. Detective Cooper investigates a haunting crime scene launching a journey into the underbelly of the paranormal
In: Magical Realism, Short Story 2 reviews
A man with the face of a glacier walks into a diner.
In: Literary, Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
Very short Gothic extract. Just need markers on style rather than story. all criticism welcome. first post
In: Literary, Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
Battling demons and running from his past, a guy meets a girl. But she's no ordinary girl. A battle for two peoples souls and sanity, love and acceptance. A tug of war of fear and pain.
In: Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
The story of one woman's descent as she refuses to accept the reality of her personal circumstances.
In: Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
A story about alienation as told through the eyes of a man journeying through the world of online cam models. John Cheever's "The Surfer" but with the internet.
In: Sci-fi, Short Story 2 reviews
RD-30 is part of a genetrix batch that has been deemed redundant. When a redundancy occurs, only the best can partake in the joining. The rest get incinerated. RD-30 is almost positive it's him.
In: Literary, Short Story 2 reviews
A young widow considers moving on as she recounts her time with her husband and her only other friend, their dog Brucey
In: Fantasy, Short Story 3 reviews
The Legendary Lemonade League is a group of misfits who take advantage of their failings to help people.
In: Fantasy, Short Story 5 reviews
Kark must complete a deadly rite of passage in order to ensure her legend unfolds the way the legend of a burgeoning ruler ought to. Only problem is a deadly creature lies in Kark's way.
In: Mystery, Novel Excerpt 1 reviews
Two childhood best friends and retired NBA players Kadir and Mike were living their best lives. Then Kadir’s estranged wife Shorena is murdered. Kadir is accused of the homicide and go to trial.
Hugh Dufour
In: Noir, Short Story 5 reviews
An unemployed plumber joins a religious cult to save the woman he loves.
In: Short Story, Transgressive 5 reviews
I wrote this when I was seventeen. I think I'd rather let the story speak for itself than leave a summary. Thanks to anybody reading this or leaving a review. -Vaughan
In: Realism, Short Story 4 reviews
A boy travels to a fair to buy a token of affection