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Submitted by Caleb J. Ross on September 24, 2011 - 6:16pm

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Charles Rathert May 9, 2019 - 1:51pm

My name is Charles Rathert, my pen Name is Charlie2Shirt.  I have self published a novel in 2015,  VampireJacques ,  The Last Templar.  It has gotten GREAT REVIEWS and would make an incredible movie. I understand, that since Dracula in 1958, a Vampire movie has never lost money at the box office.  This novel is the first  in a trilogy.  I've written the other 2 novels, but (obviously) haven't published them. The Problem I'm having is this.  Several companies have stole my novel and are publishing it and selling it.  I'm getting paid NOTHING.  Some of these companies are:  ebay, Walmart, Amazon,, CreateSpace, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Smashwords,, and others.  Is there an attorney or somebody else that you would recommend and that I can contact to get this straightened out.  I live in Williston, North Dakota and there are no author or screenplay attorneys in the entire state. Other then other novels I've written, I also have a screenplay, Vampire Jake (comedy), that takes a lite look at vampires.  I have learned that since 1958 and Dracula, a vampire movie has NEVER lost money at the box office. I would also hope you could line me up with an agent that would be interested in working with me.  Again, my email address is; and my cell phone number is: 701-641-6005.  It's just me and my dog (Prince) and he never answers the phone, which makes it easy to get in touch with me.  Also, there maybe a lot of money on the table for an attorney with all of the above selling my novel without an agreement.  Thank you..  Charlie2Shirt.