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Andrew Irwin
In : Literary, Short Story 12 reviews
A Dandelion is born and falls in love with a rose that he cannot reach.
In : Flash Fiction, Romance 8 reviews
What I want to do with my flash fiction is with as few words possible make the most emotional impact on the reader. I choose techniques to draw in the reader as quickly as possible, rip the soul from
Nighty Nite
In : Horror, Short Story 3 reviews
Three friends stalk off into the shadows of their hometown to hunt a monster.
Andrew Koury
In : Horror, Short Story 2 reviews
In a city surrounded by water, a census worker takes it upon himself to find out why the human stoppers have abandoned their post when the Great Dam is leaking through its holes more than ever.
In : Literary, Short Story 6 reviews
This is a comedic story I wrote quite a while ago about a man and his banjo. The voice is very southern (US) and may not appeal to some readers... I'm not sure.
Kevin Dabramo
In : Realism, Short Story 3 reviews
A young pastor in between jobs travels to Thailand where his repressed interest in Buddhism and yoga can bloom.
Nathan Scalia
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 19 reviews
Willow, an apprentice in a very specific type of magic, flees a mob to the safety of the most dangerous entity in her woods.
EB Eames
In : Mystery, Short Story 9 reviews
An aging cold case detective tries to solve a 20 year old child abduction case. His investigation takes him to the plains of Wisconsin, where a retired county sheriff may hold the key to solving it.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 6 reviews
The disintegration of a couple's relationship while they travel through the galaxies.
Chris Campeau
In : Horror, Short Story 10 reviews
A dormant force awakens at a small-town construction site, and a boy struggles to process its grip on his best friend.
WW Mauck
In : Noir, Short Story 9 reviews
Former/current Det. Ray seeks revenge on the people responsible for assaulting his wife. Suzy, Ray's partner, helps him.
In : Poem, Subversive 2 reviews
Exactly as the title suggests: Here are six poems I wrote, and It would be my honor if you, dear reader, would consume them into your very being, much like how poetry is supposed to.
In : Flash Fiction, Horror 13 reviews
Two characters go to lunch.
Harry Nill
In : Psychological, Short Story 10 reviews
"It's always fun to get bullied by dad".
In : Adventure, Short Story 17 reviews
Kids on the streets having dangerous fun.
In : Psychological, Short Story 1 reviews
We have all had tough days, some more than others. Nothing is harder than breaking a bad habit or routine when it comes to bringing normalcy in our daily life.
In : Mystery, Short Story 3 reviews
Tom was a financially broken man whose life turned upside down after knowing the true nature of the house on the Lynch Street and things happened there.
In : Literary, Short Story 13 reviews
A girl struggles with balancing loyalty to family and community but gets caught up in her Uncle's vendettas and vanity in wartime Italy.
In : Novella, Thriller 2 reviews
A group of people impact each other's lives in ways they didn't expect. Through a series of psychological mini-stories, the characters beg the question, what is real in my life?
Steven J. Shander
In : Narrative non-fiction, Short Story 5 reviews
A rough short about some people who go to the movies and play video games and listen to good music. Pop culture. Going to be 20 pages now only 4.
In : Fantastic, Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
This is the first chapter of a novel about a cataclysmic event that has one woman navigating her new world.
Joe P
In : Horror, Short Story 4 reviews
A teenage kid suffers a medical emergency in front of his geometry class and crush. When he wakes up at the hospital, he learns his body is stranger and more powerful than he ever imagined.
Hughes Dufour
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 9 reviews
A retired colonel, writing his memoirs at the beach, saves a young woman from drowning.
Jonas David
In : Psychological, Short Story 4 reviews
a fractured relationship. a couple unable to communicate. mirrors.
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 5 reviews
A young father makes a startling discovery about his infant son.