Bill Tucker
In: Short Story 2 reviews
This is the final version of the rough I submitted last week. If you read the rough, this is has a different slant to it. A poll will be going up soon so all ya'll can vote for the victor.
avery of the dead
In: Short Story 9 reviews
A wife plots her revenge on a cheating husband.
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
This is the beginning chapters of Always, a 70,000 word novel I've been working on for about a year. Not sure on the genre but I'm calling it a romantic suspense.
Biscuit Welsh
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
First chapter of Honcho, my 80K Hardboiled YA Suspense novel. Kieran Quinn, a sixteen year old wannabe tough guy goes out to the park and gets the news his best friend has been killed
In: Short Story 4 reviews
This story has been rewritten. No need for further critiques. A woman scorned tries to get her husband to remember the promises he made in their youth.
Jake Huber
In: Short Story 7 reviews
An alcoholic is watching an episode of Jeopardy while his girlfriend attempts to tell him some important news. And then she finds a gun. (1,600 words)
In: Novel Excerpt 7 reviews
After taking all of your incredible feedback into consideration, here is the rewrite of Starling: Open Wounds that I posted a few days ago.
In: Novel Excerpt 5 reviews
The prologue to a novel that I am currently writing. It's about an FBI agent on the rebound and a serial killer returning from the past to cause terror and inflict more damage. (1660 words)
In: Short Story 6 reviews
When do you realize that a bartender is still a stranger? How about the other patrons? No one ever knows when it is their last drink, but they do remember it.
J.S. Wright
In: Novel Excerpt 5 reviews
A man's moments of reflection after spending the night in a stranger's hotel room, out in the middle of nowhere.