In: Short Story 3 reviews
Two days after a major battle, soldiers are dealing with the stresses of life on the front.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A story I'm working on for the anthology I'm putting together. I picked OCD as my mental illness and ran with it. Hopefully y'all will like it better than my last story.
Nick Wilczynski
In: Short Story 7 reviews
2,185 words. Schizophrenia bit that I'm working on for the Psychosis anthology.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
There is a revised version of this on the site. Please read that one.
In: Short Story 12 reviews
Rewrite of "Muffin Man" with a new title and a new attitude. Most people liked the beginning of the story but not the second half so I changed it starting on page 7, all new material.
In: Flash Fiction 5 reviews
A Patrick Bateman inspired flash fiction scene that I wrote for the prompt challenge thread on the forum.
simon morris
In: Novel Excerpt 5 reviews
The prelude introduced the plot line through a character, chapter 1 introduces the protagonist, his fiance and some back story I felt the reader should know
In: Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
A young man obsessed with an author stalks him and tries to reenact scenes from his own book with him.
In: Short Story 11 reviews
Story finished. No further critiques necessary. Thank you all for your help.
simon morris
In: Novel Excerpt 9 reviews
A prescient 14-year-old girl is confined to a children's institution for a brutal crime she claims not to have committed. Her only hope is a famous psychologist who she read about in the newspaper.
In: Short Story 9 reviews
This is a short story about a young boy and a family growing up in modern day America trying to deal with the hand they've been dealt - 1,349 word count.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A strange man finds his way into a small town. Love ensues, but he isn't what he seems. 3500 words.
Tristan Clausell
In: Flash Fiction 8 reviews
A teenager meets a man who wishes he lived on a Metronome, from this conversation his life changes.