Alan H Jordan
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
I'm curious if you like the first draft of the beginning of this book. Be totally candid. You won't hurt my feelings.
In: Essay 7 reviews
A short personal essay about my father.
T. N. Woodin
In: Journal Entry 4 reviews
Epistolary piece, narrating the necessary life lessons learned from heartbreak.
Bryan Dean Johnson
In: Essay 6 reviews
A woman called out a homeless man for lewd behavior on a crowded train. I got up to help, but my attempt at heroism didn't go as planned.
Steven J. Shander
In: Short Story 2 reviews
A rough short about some people who go to the movies and play video games and listen to good music. Pop culture. Going to be 20 pages now only 4.
R.U. Sirius
In: Essay 2 reviews
Nonfiction. I think I stumbled into the wrong place but I spent my $9. From "Freaks In The Machine: MONDO 2000 in 20th Century Tech Culture
In: Essay 6 reviews
I read about Persia (as it was then) for the first time when I was a child. Never dreaming that I would one day know this country and its people quite well. This is an account of a single day.
In: Journal Entry 4 reviews
To Kill a Mockingbird Movie Review
Rachel Capps
In: Novel Excerpt 4 reviews
A true story. The beginning of my story through stroke so the night of my stroke.
In: Essay 4 reviews
Cut Deep and Travel Far is essay. It attempts to blend familiar forms--creative nonfiction, collage, poetry, and contemplative essay--into what is being called "hybrid" essay, a new form.
In: Essay 9 reviews
Adapted from memoir scribblings, this essay takes the form of a letter to the narrator's father.
Dorothy Rice
In: Essay 7 reviews
Narrative nonfiction recalling a childhood friendship and a moment when the narrator realizes that her friend has matured in ways that she has not.
In: Essay 8 reviews
This was originally a piece I wrote for a class when prompted with Chloe Caldwell's "Underground." Exploring a new format of creative non-fiction.
In: Essay 3 reviews
Written in reaction to a prompt on Childhood Fears, this essay recalls a portion of memories regarding life in an alcoholic home with one child and one parent.
Patrick Moloney
In: Essay 3 reviews
A essay about my experience in Dallas during the police killings and my views on racism
Aname Isanameisaname
In: Essay 3 reviews
Personal Essay about a life-defining body issue, first impressions and life-altering experiences.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
Musing on the memory of a formative childhood event.
In: Poem 4 reviews
A rap about life with a lesser half.
In: Essay 4 reviews
A woman is frustrated with the behavior of migrant workers living next door to her.
Bonnie Johnson
In: Essay 2 reviews
Personal Essay written for a non-fiction class. Takes a brief snapshot of the struggles of teen depression
Just Judith
In: Short Story 4 reviews
Why I didn't marry the only man who ever asked me. One of many short pieces about my life that may be part of a book.
In: Essay 5 reviews
A personal essay exploring identity, past-trauma, and family.
Desiree Simons
In: Journal Entry 5 reviews
Sometimes the only way to process grief is to write about it. This essay is based on a compilation of journal entries written in 2007.
Desiree Simons
In: Essay 6 reviews
This is a creative nonfiction piece that was written to address the theme, "Waiting." It reveals my post surgery experience while waiting for pain medication.
In: Short Story 3 reviews
Heart Story exercise, narration about the day I got knocked out in highschool.