Jason A
In: Flash Fiction 5 reviews
A man in a remote location is stung by a scorpion and must find his way back to his girlfriend.
In: Short Story 2 reviews
A first-person narrative about a guy that grew-up somewhere in the middle of the country, has since migrated to a city on the coast and is called home because his father is dying.
In: Short Story 4 reviews
Duane is returning to apologize to his sister Holly for not noticing their uncle's abuse of her. But he will find things are not quite what he thinks.
In: Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
Horatio Nelson, the hero of England's navy should've died at Trafalgar, only he didn't. He wakes up to find his wife has gone missing. The world is broken, things are not as they're supposed to be.
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
Very short Gothic extract. Just need markers on style rather than story. all criticism welcome. first post
In: Novel Excerpt 5 reviews
Battling demons and running from his past, a guy meets a girl. But she's no ordinary girl. A battle for two peoples souls and sanity, love and acceptance. A tug of war of fear and pain.
In: Short Story 3 reviews
The story of one woman's descent as she refuses to accept the reality of her personal circumstances.
In: Short Story 4 reviews
A story about alienation as told through the eyes of a man journeying through the world of online cam models. John Cheever's "The Surfer" but with the internet.
In: Short Story 2 reviews
A young widow considers moving on as she recounts her time with her husband and her only other friend, their dog Brucey
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A man stops taking his antipsychotic meds after meeting a girl at a party that tells him he might not be crazy.
In: Short Story 6 reviews
A girl struggles with balancing loyalty to family and community but gets caught up in her Uncle's vendettas and vanity in wartime Italy.
In: Short Story 4 reviews
This is a comedic story I wrote quite a while ago about a man and his banjo. The voice is very southern (US) and may not appeal to some readers... I'm not sure.
Andrew Irwin
In: Short Story 6 reviews
A Dandelion is born and falls in love with a rose that he cannot reach.
In: Short Story 2 reviews
A man working at a call centre gets bypassed for a promotion.
In: Flash Fiction 6 reviews
This is a rough draft of a short short story I'm working on. Feedback appreciated.
In: Short Story 3 reviews
This story is about an ex-felon working in a porn shop.
In: Short Story 3 reviews
This is short story about a mother who is grappling with the decisions she has made as a parent, the dissolution of her marriage, and her uncertainty about what has happened to her son.
In: Short Story 6 reviews
A story about old friends, theories, and conversation.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A young woman must confront her family and her past, personified by her younger brother.
J. L.
In: Flash Fiction 7 reviews
This is a story about a girl's disconnection from those around her while living in a haze of pharmaceuticals.
Jackson Vrana
In: Short Story 7 reviews
A brand new detective with an overbearing mother poses as a hitman for an old woman.
Rose Kimura
In: Short Story 7 reviews
Everyone has a secret. This family of three is not an exclusion. A teenage girl makes choices that lead her to seeing herself, her mom and twin-brother in a new light
MW Mills
In: Short Story 6 reviews
A woman finds herself suddenly thrust back into the cycle of familial abuse.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
Short story about flirting gone wrong.
In: Short Story 13 reviews
What happens when this tired server would rather hang head and go home than clean up their mess of broken glass...