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Ender's Game Porn

'Ender's Game' Not Too Porny For Schools, Police Decide

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 22, 2012
'Ender's Game' can be described a lot of ways--like "awesome" and "a great way to get junior high boys to read"--but "pornographic"? Thankfully not, according to police in South Carolina.
Save Francesca Lia Block's House!

Francesca Lia Block, YA Favorite Of Awesome Teenage Girls, Might Lose Her House

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 13, 2012
Prolific YA and adult author Francesca Lia Block may have shaped the lives of countless teenage weirdos, but she's not immune to the sucky economy--her house is underwater, and she needs help.

Top 10 YA Books That Adults Will Love

Column by Meredith Borders March 2, 2012
It's not all TWILIGHT up in here. Some young adult novels are brilliant and engaging. Read on for ten of the best.