A Prose Writer Dips Her Toe in the Playwriting World

Column by Gwen Goodkin September 7, 2020
...because playwriting is a collaboration, the end result isn’t solely the writer’s creation.

Welcome the Characters Who Show Up Too Early and Stay Too Late

Column by Margo Orlando Littell
Sometimes the most pivotal characters need to be conjured and coddled into the story, under the shadow of misstarts and dead-end plotlines.

Chuck Palahniuk's 'Consider This': A Reading List

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Get the most out of Chuck Palahniuk's how-to book by studying up.

Is Crosstalk Killing Your Feedback?

Column by Peter Derk September 20, 2018
What is crosstalk, and how is it ruining your workshop?

Five Tools for the Journeyman Writer

Column by Melissa F. Olson
Where are all the resources geared toward mid-career writers?

A List of 2017 Workshops & Conferences for Writers

Column by Riki Cleveland January 26, 2017
If your 2017 writing goals include networking or honing your craft, there’s no better place to do so than a writer’s conference or workshop.