8 Women Business Owners in Horror

Column by Sadie Hartmann September 22, 2020
September 22nd is American Business Women's Day. To celebrate, I've gathered a list of women-owned businesses in my preferred genre of horror. I hope you find something to support!

So You Want to Write Women

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Writing women sounds easy... until you have to make them realistic. How does an author craft female characters that real women can relate to?

How 'The Mists of Avalon' Redefined King Arthur from the Female Perspective

Column by Bart Bishop
A look back at the 1983 novel and its reframed feminist perspective on the classic male-centric tale of King Arthur.

Give the Girl a Name, Already!

Column by Steph Post April 5, 2017
Just a little rant on the 'Girl' title craze.

8 Books for March 8th: International Women's Day

Column by Stephanie Bonjack March 8, 2017
Women around the world have been celebrating International Women's Day since 1909. It marks our struggle for rights and equality. Here are a few titles by women making a difference in the world.

11 Nasty Women Dominating Weird Fiction

Column by Gabino Iglesias December 9, 2016
When it comes to weird fiction, these women are making great things happen.

Four Life Lessons I Learned from Reading 'The Girl on the Train'

Column by Cath Murphy October 10, 2016
'The Girl on the Train' is so much more than a best selling book and a movie. Hidden within this story of suburban angst and buffers are messages of timeless wisdom.

7 Starter Ideas For Your Mother-Daughter Book Club

Column by Christine J. Schmidt
This year, the best Mother's Day gift is two copies of the same book!

6 Women Who Changed the Face of Publishing

Column by Cath Murphy August 19, 2015
Male writers might get more than their fair share of attention, but if being a woman is good enough for Joan Didion then it's good enough for me.

6 Women Who Punched the Prize Gap in the Face

Column by Leah Dearborn
With the the prize gap still facing female writers in the 21st century, it seemed like a good time to highlight a few talented women who battled for literary recognition in the past.

Voices From the Red-Light District: 10 Books About Prostitutes

Column by Leah Dearborn June 12, 2015
How writers choose to describe prostitution and those who engage in it can reveal a lot about gender dynamics and cultural attitudes towards sex.