Vincenzo Natali: Child of the New Flesh

Vincenzo Natali: Child of the New Flesh

Interview by Chris Kelso August 29, 2022
The Canadian director discusses his literary influences, the trials of adaptation, and the films of David Cronenberg.
Review: "I Dream of Mirrors" by Chris Kelso

"I Dream of Mirrors" by Chris Kelso

Review by Gabino Iglesias
Chris Kelso explores humanity's collapse and identity in "I Dream of Mirrors."

10 Politically Subversive Novels Veiled in Absurdism

Column by Christopher Shultz January 4, 2017
There are novels that come right out and say what they mean, with varying degrees of heavy-handedness. And then there are novels that make sweeping critiques through gross surrealism and absurdity.

Five Authors Who Prove It's Never Too Late To Start Writing

Column by Kimberly Turner April 29, 2013
Turning 30, or 50, or 60 without penning a bestseller doesn't mean you're washed up. These authors will inspire you to stop obsessing over prodigious 20-year-old wunderkind and write your damned book.

10 Big-Time Literary Druggies

Column by Ed Sikov April 5, 2013
An acid trip down memory lane: writers who achieved fame and fortune as (mostly) unrepentant drug users.

5 Famous Authors Who Became Infamous

Column by John Jarzemsky December 17, 2012
Sometimes authors--both talented and otherwise--become famous due to circumstances wholly unrelated to their work or craft.
Out-of-Print William S. Burroughs Documentary

Out-of-Print William S. Burroughs Documentary Could Resurface Next Year

News by Christopher Shultz December 5, 2012
The nephew of the film's late director launched a Kickstarter campaign to restore and re-release the lost gem.

These Are Your Heroes On Drugs, And They Kind of Suck

Column by Keith Rawson August 13, 2012
The path to excess is complete an utter bullshit, and more than a few literary heroes are proof of it.