The Banality of Evil In Fiction

Column by Peter Derk March 24, 2022
Why is so much evil in fiction so boring? How can you give those evil-doers a little life?

Her Dark Materials: Raising Inner Demons To Craft Complex Villains

Column by Amanda Bender November 26, 2019
An analysis of Mrs. Coulter in the recent TV adaptation of "His Dark Materials" shows writers how to craft complex villains.

Storyville: Sympathy for the Devil

Column by Richard Thomas
In order for your bad guys to truly resonate, we need to care about them, and feel strong emotions. Even if that emotion is hate.

15 of Literature’s Most Villainous Names

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
What Do You Call an Evil Skeleton? In honor of the scariest holiday of the year, here are 15 of the most bone-chilling, blood-curdling villainous names in all of literature.

Thanos: Marvel's Greatest Movie Villain

Column by BH Shepherd
What Thanos the Mad Titan can teach us about being a great villain.

Heel Turn: When Good Guys Go Bad

Column by BH Shepherd June 13, 2017
A critical look at the superhero tradition of turning evil.

Six Stephen King Villains Who Were Ridiculously Easy to Defeat

Column by Fred Venturini May 1, 2017
Stephen King has haunted our dreams with dozens of memorable villains, but these six were ridiculously and sometimes hilariously easy to defeat.

Comics And Comics Movies Need Good Villains

Column by Peter Derk April 14, 2017
Where have all the villains gone?

Forget Heroes and Villains, There is Only Point-of-View

Column by Max Booth III July 25, 2014
You want to make your characters realistic? Think of everybody as the protagonist.

Nation of Villains: Why We Like the Unlikeable

Column by John Jarzemsky June 18, 2014
Bad guys are getting more and more popular in the realms of literature, film, and television. We've always been drawn to the other, but maybe there's another reason.

Meet Your Avengers 2 Villain: Ultron

Column by BH Shepherd October 10, 2013
All you need to know about the villain appearing in the next Avengers movie.

Bad Breakers: 10 Characters That Turned to the Dark Side

Column by Rajan Khanna September 27, 2013
In honor of the ending of 'Breaking Bad,' a list of characters from science fiction and fantasy who started out as good guys but ended up as villains.