Three Books About... Junkies

Column by Cath Murphy June 6, 2016
There's a junky in all of us. Read 'Trainspotting' and see.

Three Books About... Beginnings

Column by Cath Murphy
Are memoirs true? Of course they aren't.

Three Books About... Transformation

Column by Cath Murphy
Three books about transformation. What can they tell us about change?

Three Books About... Snow

Column by Cath Murphy December 1, 2014
Three classic books, one subject. Snow inspires a thriller with a mystical edge, an updated fable, and a story of religious tension in the borderland between east and west.

Three Books About... Beaches

Column by Cath Murphy
Buckets and spades. Donkey rides. Tangled deckchairs. Sand in your sandwiches. We all love the beach, and the authors of these three books are no exception.

Three Books About... Animals

Column by Cath Murphy February 6, 2014
I love my dogs and cats. I also eat meat. We're conflicted about animals in real life, but what happens when we use them as a subject for fiction?

Three Books About... Cities

Column by Cath Murphy
One subject. Three books. Three approaches. What can three books about cities tell us about writing?

Three Books About... Machines

Column by Cath Murphy May 15, 2013
What do "Crash," "Christine," and "I, Robot" have in common?

Three Books About...The Road

Column by Cath Murphy March 26, 2013
Contrast three writers on the same subject and what you end up with is not just interesting—what you end up with is inspiration.