'Veronica Mars' Should Continue…In Book Form

Column by Meredith Borders February 12, 2018
Sure, we’d all love another movie. But where the once-teen detective really shines these days is on the page.

Netflix's 'The Punisher': Aggressively Average

Column by BH Shepherd December 5, 2017
A look at how faithful the new Punisher Netflix series is to its original source material.

'Discovery' vs. 'The Orville': Who Treks Better?

Column by BH Shepherd November 17, 2017
A comparative look at the two new shows trying to carry on the Star Trek legacy.

The Walking Dead Pilot: Saying Hello Again to "Days Gone Bye"

Column by Fred Venturini October 20, 2017
A craft-based look at The Walking Dead pilot, "Days Gone Bye," examining how time, silence, and intelligent storytelling choices helped create a launching pad for one of the most popular shows on TV.

Breaking Worse? The 'Ozark' Pilot Treads Dark Territory

Column by Fred Venturini
In this breakdown of the "Ozark" pilot, Fred Venturini breaks down how the episode sets milestones for the series, sets an aggressive pace, and uses characterization to build tension.

The Defenders: Defeated by Dull Writing

Column by BH Shepherd
An examination of how "The Defenders" failed to become more than the sum of its parts.

Book vs. Television: What TV's Sheriff Longmire Is Doing Wrong

Column by David Cranmer August 10, 2017
In an age of emphasis on law enforcement tactics, we take a look at the page to screen evolution of Walt Longmire, with expressed concern for the marshal's cavalier approach to policing.

Brace Yourselves: A Breakdown of the Game of Thrones Pilot, "Winter is Coming"

Column by Fred Venturini July 14, 2017
The Game of Thrones pilot, "Winter is Coming," packs a sprawling, fantasy epic into a tight sixty-one minutes featuring distinct and interesting settings and characters.

Want a Masterclass in Character Development? Better Call Saul!

Column by Fred Venturini May 25, 2017
Better Call Saul's pilot, "Uno," focuses on building characters in surprising and patient ways, emphasizing the creation of curiosity over providing the audience with exposition.

Background Noise: The Netflix Category Every Writer Desperately Needs

Column by Max Booth III
Increase your productivity by watching Netflix.

Five Storytelling Tips I Learned from Watching 'The Bachelor'

Column by Christoph Paul April 11, 2017
Five examples of how reality TV Shows 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' showed me how to write better stories.

The Violence Yet to Come: Breaking Down the 'Taboo' Pilot

Column by Fred Venturini March 31, 2017
A craft-based look at the pilot episode of FX's 'Taboo.'

Vampire Love is the Best Kind

Column by Stephanie Bonjack February 10, 2017
Let's be honest: nothing compares to vampire love.

Pilot Breakdown: Beauty and Disarray in Westworld's 'The Original'

Column by Fred Venturini February 2, 2017
A craft-based look at Westworld's pilot, "The Original."

What 'Westworld' Can Teach Us About Writers

Column by BH Shepherd December 2, 2016
What the characters of "Westworld," some of them writers, can teach us about writers.

Why Luke Cage is the Superhero We Need

Column by BH Shepherd
A look at the cultural significance of a superhero like Luke Cage.

10 Things We Can Learn About Writing from 'You’re the Worst'

Column by Max Booth III September 26, 2016
We dig deep into Stephen Falk's complicated FXX series.

Remixing History: How 'The Get Down' Blends Fact and Fiction

Column by BH Shepherd
A look at how "The Get Down" uses fictional elements to tell a true story.

What 'Stranger Things' Can Teach Us About Characterization

Column by Max Booth III August 9, 2016
Not only is "Stranger Things" great television, it's also a required lesson in quality characterization.
Thank Heavens: New 'American Gods' Trailer

Thank Heavens: New 'American Gods' Trailer

News by Peter Derk July 28, 2016
Magic, mystery, and sledgehammers: the new trailer for Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' is here.

Storyville: Introducing Your Children to Horror

Column by Richard Thomas July 25, 2016
A guide to turning your kids on to horror.

Is "Stranger Things" The Contemporary Sci-Fi/Horror Juggernaut We've Been Waiting For?

Column by Christopher Shultz
The new Netflix original series has already garnered a big following, but can it sustain its momentum in future seasons?

12 Grammar and Writing Tips from Archer

Column by Taylor Houston July 15, 2016
The animated show 'Archer' is a grammar-lovers wet dream.