An inside view of the publishing industry from a foot soldier.

Storyville: The Symbolism of the Four Seasons

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips on how the seasons can service your story.

Storyville: How Grateful, Compassionate Protagonists Can Add Depth to Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
If you have a likable protagonist, does that make for a more appealing, layered, and satisfying experience?

Storyville: My Favorite Horror Stories Available to Read Online Right Now

Column by Richard Thomas
Some thought provoking and emotional work for you to enjoy this Halloween season.

Storyville: How Various Media Can Change You as a Writer

Column by Richard Thomas
Influence can come from any medium, not just the one you are working in.

Storyville: Hate From Love—Complex Emotions in Characterization

Column by Richard Thomas
In order to truly hate, you must love first, so write your characters with this complex relationship in mind.

10 Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now

Column by Richard Thomas
Looking for some recommendations? Richard's got you covered.

Storyville: Writing Psychological Horror

Column by Richard Thomas
How to create an emotional bond and stimulate the brain of your readers with psychological horror.

Storyville: The Intersection Between Plotting and Pantsing

Column by Richard Thomas
Finding the intersection between plotting and pantsing.

Storyville: Unreliable Narrators

Column by Richard Thomas
What is an unreliable narrator and how can it affect your writing?

Storyville: Leaving Room for the Reader

Column by Richard Thomas April 19, 2022
It's important to leave room for the reader. Here are some ways you can do that.

Storyville: From Baseline to Variation—How to Set and Expand Expectations

Column by Richard Thomas
How to set the baseline and then take your readers somewhere else entirely.

Storyville: Building Up Your Horror Story Before You Tear It Down

Column by Richard Thomas March 1, 2022
Tips on how to build up your horror story before you tear it all down.

Storyville: Reasons for Creating a Pseudonym

Column by Richard Thomas
Some advice on whether or not to create a pseudonym.

Storyville: What Makes Your Stories Uniquely You?

Column by Richard Thomas
Tap into the formative experiences that made you and apply them to your fiction.

Storyville: Setting Short-Term Goals for Your Writing Career

Column by Richard Thomas December 30, 2021
Some tips and advice for writers on how to set short-term goals.

Storyville: Dune is an Inspiring Film, and an Excellent Resource for Authors

Column by Richard Thomas
My thoughts on the 2021 film, "Dune", and how it might be a great resource for your writing.

Storyville: What's the Best Money You've Spent on Your Writing Career?

Column by Richard Thomas November 29, 2021
What is the best way to spend money on your writing career? Here are a few answers from actual writers.

Storyville: My Top 12 Horror Films of the Last Four Years

Column by Richard Thomas
A nice list of recent horror, just in time for Halloween.

Storyville: How to Write a Massive, Multi-Pronged Hook

Column by Richard Thomas
If you think the only hook to your story or novel is the first line, then boy do I have some news for you.

Storyville: Critical Analysis—An Essential Part of Your Process

Column by Richard Thomas
How to apply critical analysis to your own writing.

Storyville: How to Ask For, and Give, Book Blurbs

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips and tricks for navigating the world of book blurbs.

Storyville: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Scene Breaks

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips on inserting scene breaks into your short stories.

Storyville: Story Dissection — "In His House"

Column by Richard Thomas
Richard dissects his epistolary horror story, "In His House."

Storyville: Evaluating Your Work in Progress—As Author, Editor, and Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
It's crucial that you can read your writing as the audience, an author, AND an editor.

Storyville: Writing for the Ideal Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
How do you write to your ideal reader? Here are some tips and suggestions.