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Storyville: Unreliable Narrators

Column by Richard Thomas May 13, 2022
What is an unreliable narrator and how can it affect your writing?

Storyville: Leaving Room for the Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
It's important to leave room for the reader. Here are some ways you can do that.

Storyville: From Baseline to Variation—How to Set and Expand Expectations

Column by Richard Thomas
How to set the baseline and then take your readers somewhere else entirely.

Storyville: Building Up Your Horror Story Before You Tear It Down

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how to build up your horror story before you tear it all down.

Storyville: Reasons for Creating a Pseudonym

Column by Richard Thomas
Some advice on whether or not to create a pseudonym.

Storyville: What Makes Your Stories Uniquely You?

Column by Richard Thomas
Tap into the formative experiences that made you and apply them to your fiction.

Storyville: Setting Short-Term Goals for Your Writing Career

Column by Richard Thomas December 30, 2021
Some tips and advice for writers on how to set short-term goals.

Storyville: Dune is an Inspiring Film, and an Excellent Resource for Authors

Column by Richard Thomas
My thoughts on the 2021 film, "Dune", and how it might be a great resource for your writing.

Storyville: What's the Best Money You've Spent on Your Writing Career?

Column by Richard Thomas November 29, 2021
What is the best way to spend money on your writing career? Here are a few answers from actual writers.

Storyville: My Top 12 Horror Films of the Last Four Years

Column by Richard Thomas
A nice list of recent horror, just in time for Halloween.

Storyville: How to Write a Massive, Multi-Pronged Hook

Column by Richard Thomas
If you think the only hook to your story or novel is the first line, then boy do I have some news for you.

Storyville: Critical Analysis—An Essential Part of Your Process

Column by Richard Thomas
How to apply critical analysis to your own writing.

Storyville: How to Ask For, and Give, Book Blurbs

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips and tricks for navigating the world of book blurbs.

Storyville: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Scene Breaks

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips on inserting scene breaks into your short stories.

Storyville: Story Dissection — "In His House"

Column by Richard Thomas
Richard dissects his epistolary horror story, "In His House."

Storyville: Evaluating Your Work in Progress—As Author, Editor, and Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
It's crucial that you can read your writing as the audience, an author, AND an editor.

Storyville: Writing for the Ideal Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
How do you write to your ideal reader? Here are some tips and suggestions.

Storyville: Reasons Authors Don't Submit Their Work—And My Responses

Column by Richard Thomas
The top reasons authors don't submit their work, and my responses.

Storyville: What Do You Have the Authority to Write?

Column by Richard Thomas
Experience vs. research: What stories are yours to tell?

Storyville: Writing Horror in a Post-Covid World

Column by Richard Thomas
How do you write dark fiction in a post-Covid world? Be a phoenix, rising from the ashes.

Storyville: Body, Mind, and Soul—Adding Depth to Your Stories

Column by Richard Thomas December 22, 2020
Using the concept of body, mind, and soul, you can create a deeper experience with your stories.

Storyville: How Long Should Your Story Be?

Column by Richard Thomas
Is there enough meat on the bone to support your word count? It depends on a number of variables.

Storyville: Foreshadowing in Fiction—How to Set the Stage

Column by Richard Thomas October 23, 2020
Tips on how to use foreshadowing to write layered stories with powerful emotion.

Storyville: How to Collaborate on a Fiction Project

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how to engage in a successful collaborative fiction project with other writers.

Storyville: Writing in a Time of Chaos

Column by Richard Thomas
How to write when the world around you is in a state of decay?