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Storyville: Reasons Authors Don't Submit Their Work—And My Responses

Column by Richard Thomas
The top reasons authors don't submit their work, and my responses.

Storyville: What Do You Have the Authority to Write?

Column by Richard Thomas
Experience vs. research: What stories are yours to tell?

Writing Horror in a Post-Covid World

Column by Richard Thomas
How do you write dark fiction in a post-Covid world? Be a phoenix, rising from the ashes.

Storyville: Body, Mind, and Soul—Adding Depth to Your Stories

Column by Richard Thomas December 22, 2020
Using the concept of body, mind, and soul, you can create a deeper experience with your stories.

Storyville: How Long Should Your Story Be?

Column by Richard Thomas
Is there enough meat on the bone to support your word count? It depends on a number of variables.

Storyville: Foreshadowing in Fiction—How to Set the Stage

Column by Richard Thomas October 23, 2020
Tips on how to use foreshadowing to write layered stories with powerful emotion.

Storyville: How to Collaborate on a Fiction Project

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how to engage in a successful collaborative fiction project with other writers.

Storyville: Writing in a Time of Chaos

Column by Richard Thomas
How to write when the world around you is in a state of decay?

Storyville: Why Denouement is So Important to a Satisfying Story

Column by Richard Thomas
Advice on how to make your denouement really shine.

Storyville: Universal Truths Can Help Your Readers Relate

Column by Richard Thomas
Examples of how to use universal truths in your fiction.

Storyville: Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts on Reprints

Column by Richard Thomas July 28, 2020
Why should you get your stories reprinted? It can help your career!

Storyville: Advanced Writing Workshop Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Column by Richard Thomas
Applying edits, pushing yourself, and writing to a specific market. Some additional tips to help you survive the workshop environment.

Storyville: Surviving Rejection

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips, stories, and advice on how to survive rejection.

Storyville: Advanced Storytelling Techniques

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips for how to execute some advanced storytelling techniques.

Storyville: Turning Your Obsessions Into Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips for turning your obsessions—good and bad—into powerful stories.

Storyville: Writing a Compelling Novel Synopsis

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips and trick for writing a compelling novel synopsis.

Storyville: Using a Chorus in Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips and tricks for using a chorus in your fiction.

Storyville: The Duality of Strong Emotions

Column by Richard Thomas
Love vs. Hate. How to employ the duality of strong emotions to improve your fiction.

Storyville: Show, Don't Tell

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips on how to show vs. telling, in your fiction, for a more immersive and powerful experience.

Storyville: Ending 2019 with a Bang

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips for how to end 2019 and set up 2020 for writing success.

Storyville: Using Your Family to Tell Dark Stories

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips on using the people around you to provide depth, meaning, emotion, and authority in your stories.

Storyville: Using Rituals to Make Your Stories More Believable

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips on how to use ritual, ceremony, and witchcraft to make your story more believable.

Storyville: Finding Original Locations to Set Your Horror Stories

Column by Richard Thomas
How can you find original locations to set your horror stories? Here are a few ideas.

Storyville: Pacing and Depth in Short Fiction vs. Novels

Column by Richard Thomas
Thoughts on the differences between novels and short stories, specifically when it comes to pacing and depth.

Storyville: Letting Film Unblock, Inspire, and Add Depth to Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how film can help unblock, inspire, and add depth to your fiction.