Sad Twitter User Pens Book

Sad Twitter User Pens Book

News by Raine Winters May 20, 2015 (2) comments
@SoSadToday has a tweet for every life problem.

Faust, Facebook, and the Future of Media

Column by Leah Dearborn May 8, 2015 (1) comments
Facebook has been in talks with a number of news organizations over the past year. Instead of posting links to outside content on Facebook, the social media giant wants to become a primary publisher.
Twitter Fiction Festival Launches Next Week

Twitter Fiction Festival Launches Next Week

News by Raine Winters
Everybody get ready to refresh your Twitter feeds!
‘Hot Dudes Reading’ Attracts over 300K Followers

Instagram Account Featuring ‘Hot Dudes Reading’ Attracts over 300K Followers

News by Raine Winters
Anonymous New York City residents have garnered popularity through photos of cute men reading on the subway.

Breaking Down the Facebook Terms and Conditions Update — 2015

Column by Jessica Meddows
Facebook updated their privacy policies and terms and conditions in January this year. We explain what this means for users on a practical level.
Snapchat: The New Publishing Platform?

Snapchat: The New Publishing Platform?

News by Peter Derk January 29, 2015 (1) comments
Snapchat has unveiled its new service, Discover, which allows for longer pieces and sponsored stories from magazines and news sources.

A Generation of People Shunned Standards in Writing and Journalism...You Won't BELIEVE What Happened Next!

Column by John Jarzemsky December 19, 2014 (1) comments
The Internet has given everybody a voice, but are we being conscientious enough about the way we're talking to one another?

The Ethical Author

Column by Dean Fetzer December 17, 2014 (1) comments
Do we have a responsibility to our readers to behave ethically when we market our books?
#TakeMyMoney: Hachette Sells Books Through Twitter

#TakeMyMoney: Hachette Sells Books Through Twitter

News by Peter Derk
Hachette's got a new scheme for selling books. Introducing the Twitter "BUY" button.

In Defense of Chelsea Cain

Column by Peter Derk October 2, 2014 (6) comments
Chelsea Cain was involved in a minor Facebook dustup. Let's clear the air and settle another, long-overdue score.
An Interview with Christopher Moore

My Cats Never Learned to Read: An Interview with Christopher Moore

Interview by Max Booth III July 2, 2014 (1) comments
Christopher Moore stops by and talks writing, marketing, and the importance of research.
Twitter All A-Twitter Over Jeanette Winterson's Dinner

Twitter All A-Twitter Over Jeanette Winterson's Dinner

News by Peter Derk June 18, 2014 (10) comments
Jeanette Winterson, author of 'Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit', angered many Twitter followers after posting a picture of a rabbit she killed and ate.

This Is The Single Biggest Mistake Indie Authors Make While Promoting Their Work—And It Needs To Stop

Column by Rob Hart June 13, 2014 (22) comments
Retweets are not currency. Followers are not currency. If you want to sell your book, then stop doing it so damn wrong.

10 Social Media Words That Need to DIE!

Column by Taylor Houston April 10, 2014 (43) comments
These ten social media terms are ready for the reaping.

When It's Time to say "F*** It"

Column by Phil Jourdan March 14, 2014 (10) comments
When you're overwhelmed and insecure about your writing, and you focus on your image as a writer instead of your work, it's time to say "fuck it" and take a step back.

Storykiller: Get Thee Back To Kickstarter!

Column by Kelly Thompson January 21, 2014 (4) comments
After eighteen months I head back to Kickstarter with my new novel. Find out why and what I hope will be better — or at least different — this time around.

Goodreads Celebrates 25 Million Members

News by Nathan Scalia
Amazon's Goodreads recently passed the 25 million member mark.

Social Media and the Law: What Can You Write and Do You Own Your Content?

Column by Jessica Meddows
There isn't a legal moratorium on social media - laws that apply to writing still apply on channels like Facebook and Twitter. But what can't you say? And what rights do you retain?
Jonathan Franzen hates the Internet

Jonathan Franzen hates the Internet and thinks it “should be really strictly regulated”

News by Dean Fetzer October 25, 2013 (11) comments
The novelist is at it again, sticking his oar in about digital media — he shared his views in a recent interview.
YouTube Invaded by Harlan Ellison

YouTube Invaded by Harlan Ellison

News by Dean Fetzer
The controversial author has launched his own channel on the popular video site — what’s the world coming to?

A Taxonomy of the Strangest and Most Unexpected Goodreads Groups

Column by Daniel Hope July 22, 2013 (4) comments
You'd think Goodreads groups would be primarily focused on books, authors, and the craft of writing, but you'd be wrong. They touch on some of the strangest interests the Internet has to offer.

Short Cuts: 7 Twitter Tips for Writers

Column by Cath Murphy
Writers have a problem with brevity, which is a shame because Twitter doesn't let you waffle. Here's how to make the stern mistress of 140 characters work for you.

Storyville: 8 Tips For Growing Your Brand

Column by Richard Thomas May 23, 2013 (4) comments
Here are some quick tips for growing your brand and enhancing your image.
New Book Social Media Site 'BookLikes'

New Book Social Media Site 'BookLikes' Now Open

News by Christopher Shultz May 17, 2013 (1) comments
Like GoodReads? Like Tumblr? Wish they'd have a baby? Well, you're in luck.