Library Love : The Sexy Librarian And Our Collective Imagination

Column by Stephanie Bonjack January 23, 2013
The sexy librarian stereotype is a complex thing. Who is the sexy librarian, and where does she come from?
Pole dancing classes in a Scottish library

Pole Dancing in a Library? What’ll They Think of Next?

News by Dean Fetzer January 18, 2013
Libraries in Scotland have turned to novel ways to get people to borrow books.

Is Reading Sexy?

Column by John Jarzemsky October 18, 2012
The battle to save reading and literature rages on, but is the latest plan of aligning reading with sexiness a good one?
James Bond Probably Has Chlamydia

James Bond's Gadgets Don't Work And He Probably Has Chlamydia. Happy 50th Anniversary, 007!

News by Rob Hart October 5, 2012
It's the 50th anniversary of James Bond's first appearance on film. To mark it, he gets a harsh dose of reality on his sex life and his gadgets.

Fifty Shades of Inattention: An Open Letter To The Husbands and Boyfriends of America

Column by Keith Rawson September 21, 2012
For the love of God, people, we need to stop the further spread of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and elevate the level of literary sleaze in the average American household!
Superman And Wonder Woman Are Hittin' It

In The New DC Universe, Superman And Wonder Woman Are Hittin' It

News by Rob Hart August 23, 2012
Lois Lane is out and Wonder Woman is in as Superman's main squeeze. Kinda makes sense, doesn't it? But will the purists accept this change in the status quo?
Smarter Smut: Well Written Sex Scenes in Literature

Smarter Smut: Well Written Sex Scenes in Literature

News by Dave Reuss August 9, 2012
If you're gonna read about humpin', it should at least be written well.
Amazon Under Fire For Selling eBook About Sex Tourism

Amazon Under Fire For Selling eBook About Sex Tourism

News by Rob Hart August 3, 2012
A group that fights child trafficking and exploitation successfully lobbied Amazon to remove a self-published eBook about age of consent laws around the world.

12 Hysterical, Offensive, Ridiculous, Controversial, Frightening, Sexy Book Covers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky July 30, 2012
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but these 12 designs make it awfully hard not to.

Fifty Shades of Pay: A Failed Attempt To Get Rich By Writing Erotica

Column by Jack Joslin June 28, 2012
Should we give E.L. James a little more credit? A hands-on attempt at mimicking her success by erotica...
Sister Margaret Farley

Vatican's Condemnation Of Nun's Sex Book Turns It Into Bestseller

News by Kimberly Turner June 7, 2012
Six years after it was published, Sister Margaret Farley's book on sexual ethics has become a bestseller with the unintentional help of a Vatican reprimand.

Themes of Pedophilia in the Works of Piers Anthony

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 2, 2011
Fantasy novelist Piers Anthony has written close to 150 books in his lifetime. As a whole, his body of work reveals a more than passing interest in child sexuality. Is he enlightened or just creepy?
Bad Sex in Literature

Lit Mag Announces Nominees For Year's Worst Sex Scenes In Literature

News by Rob Hart November 22, 2011
Every year, the Literary Review honors the most terribly-written, horribly contrived sex scenes with the Bad Sex in Literature award, and here are the nominees...