The Power of Ray Bradbury's Short Stories

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
It's Ray Bradbury's birthday. Let's celebrate by talking about the art of short story writing and his contribution.

Everything You Need to Know About This Year's Hugo Nominees

Column by Emmanuel Nataf July 23, 2019
The Hugo Award winners will be announced in August. Here's what you need to know about the finalists.
Review: "I Dream of Mirrors" by Chris Kelso

"I Dream of Mirrors" by Chris Kelso

Review by Gabino Iglesias
Chris Kelso explores humanity's collapse and identity in "I Dream of Mirrors."
"A People's Future Of The United States" Edited By Victor LaValle And John Josep

"A People's Future Of The United States" edited by Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams

Review by Christopher Shultz
This new anthology takes an imaginative look into the future, and while the picture looks grim in places, it's optimistic in others.

"Space Odyssey": How Science Fiction Can Predict the Future

Column by Bart Bishop September 4, 2018
A look at Michael Benson's "Space Odyssey", a comprehensive book on the making of "2001", and how science fiction authors like Arthur C. Clarke have influenced real-life scientists.

Catherynne M. Valente's 'Space Opera' and the Delights of a Plotless Novel

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at Catherynne M. Valente’s 'Space Opera', an almost plotless novel that is more poetry than prose.

6 Female Sci-fi Writers You Should Read

Column by Emmanuel Nataf June 11, 2018
To celebrate Octavia Butler’s would-be 71st birthday, we’re featuring six female sci-fi writers who have helped shape the boundary-shattering genre.

Book vs. Television: Altered Carbon

Column by BH Shepherd
A critical comparison of Netflix's "Altered Carbon" adaptation and the source material.

Annalee Newitz’s 'Autonomous': Cyberpunk from the Female Perspective

Column by Bart Bishop February 27, 2018
A look at Annalee Newitz’s 'Autonomous', a science-fiction novel from 2017 that is influenced by cyberpunk in its tackling of Big Pharma and gender fluidity.

Octavia's Daughters: Meet the New Queens of Spec Fic

Column by Susan DeFreitas November 30, 2017
Miss the late, great Octavia Butler? Rejoice, for the Black female speculative tradition is alive and well and kicking all kinds of ass. (Sorry about your TBR pile.)

Parallels Between Ray Bradbury's "There Will Come Soft Rains" and 'Blade Runner'

Column by Bart Bishop
A comparison between Ray Bradbury's 1950 short story "There Will Come Soft Rains" and the movie 'Blade Runner' and its sequel 'Blade Runner 2049'.

Magic for Beginners: 5 Tips for Fantasy Writers

Column by Susan DeFreitas July 10, 2017
Love fantasy? Creating your first magic system? Observe these precepts, young adepts, or find yourself in a world of trouble.

5 Sci-Fi Stories for Crime Writers

Column by Nik Korpon June 5, 2017
What do Crime and Science Fiction stories have in common?

Book vs. Comic vs. Film: "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" vs. "Nada" vs. "They Live"

Column by Christopher Shultz
What better time to re-examine John Carpenter's satire on Reaganomics and its source material?

11 Nasty Women Dominating Weird Fiction

Column by Gabino Iglesias December 9, 2016
When it comes to weird fiction, these women are making great things happen.
Bookshots: 'Slipping' by Lauren Beukes

Bookshots: 'Slipping' by Lauren Beukes

Review by Gabino Iglesias
Beukes offers a wonderful mix of science fiction, horror, and smart writing in her latest collection.

7 Books About Colonialism

Column by Leah Dearborn November 22, 2016
Themes related to colonialism are explored by science fiction and fantasy authors as well as historians, because those genres offer fertile ground for experimentation with the laws of human behavior.
Daughter of Eden author Chris Beckett

An Interview with Chris Beckett about Science Fiction, Outsiderhood, and His New Novel 'Daughter of Eden'

Interview by Annie Neugebauer
An Interview with Chris Beckett about science fiction and fantasy, outsiderhood, creating a believable alien planet, and his new novel 'Daughter of Eden'.
Bookshots: 'The Warren' by Brian Evenson

Bookshots: 'The Warren' by Brian Evenson

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky
Evenson's latest is a sci-fi novella that takes on nothing less than the nature of identity and what it means to be "human."

The Rabid Puppies of Pelennor Fields

Column by Liam Meilleur August 18, 2016
Puppy power, liberal cabals, and the impending Hugo Awards.

Darth Trump and Princess Hillary: How Claudia Gray's 'Star Wars: Bloodline' Mirrors the 2016 Election Year

Column by Bart Bishop August 10, 2016
A look at Claudia Gray's 'Star Wars: Bloodline', a novel that manages to be about the current election year without boring readers to tears.
EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Noon Signs with Angry Robot for Two Book Deal

EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Noon Signs with Angry Robot for Two Book Deal

News by Joshua Chaplinsky
New novel 'A Man of Shadows' due August 2017.
Bookshots: 'Neon Green' by Margaret Wappler

Bookshots: 'Neon Green' by Margaret Wappler

Review by Freddie Moore
A look inside Margaret Wappler’s 90s nostalgic debut.
Bookshots: 'The Invaders' Edited by Jacob Weisman

Bookshots: 'The Invaders' Edited by Jacob Weisman

Review by Leah Dearborn
Short stories that include a rocket-building squid and a man whose sex life alters time.
Bookshots: 'Stories of Your Life and Others' by Ted Chiang

Bookshots: 'Stories of Your Life and Others' by Ted Chiang

Review by Max Booth III June 15, 2016
A look at Ted Chiang's infamous science fiction collection.