The 10 Books That Taught Me Everything I Know About Sex

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky March 22, 2013
Consider this a warning: Properly educate your children about sex OR THEY WILL TURN OUT LIKE ME!
Who Censored Shelley’s 'The Revolt of Islam?'

Who Censored Shelley’s 'The Revolt of Islam?'

News by Dean Fetzer
The discovery of an original printing of ‘The Revolt of Islam’ - an epic at nearly 5,000 lines - suggests someone other than the poet amended it.
Lawrence Wright vs. Scientology

Publisher of Lawrence Wright Book on Defensive Against Church of Scientology

News by Dean Fetzer January 18, 2013
A new book released yesterday reveals secrets of Scientology the church would prefer to keep to themselves, prompting attacks on Wright and his publisher.
Bay Pslam Sale

Rare Copy of First Book Printed in America To Be Sold, Causes Fight

News by Dean Fetzer December 6, 2012
A row has broken out in a Boston church over the intended sale of the 'Bay Psalm' - the first book printed in the U.S.
Rachel Held Evans Vagina

Female Anatomy a Touchy Subject for Christian Bookstore, Claims Author

News by Dan Shewan October 19, 2012
Evangelical Christian author Rachel Held Evans claims her latest book will not be carried by a major Christian bookseller due to use of the word "vagina."
Sister Margaret Farley

Vatican's Condemnation Of Nun's Sex Book Turns It Into Bestseller

News by Kimberly Turner June 7, 2012
Six years after it was published, Sister Margaret Farley's book on sexual ethics has become a bestseller with the unintentional help of a Vatican reprimand.
Book Of Mormon Stolen For Protection?

$100,000 First-Edition Book Of Mormon Stolen For Protection?

News by Kimberly Turner June 1, 2012
A first-edition Book Of Mormon valued at $100,000 was stolen from an Arizona book store. But was it stolen for the money or to protect it from its owner, who was mutilating the sacred text for money?
Orthodox Rabbi Denounced as Heretic

Orthodox Rabbi Denounced as Heretic Over Latest Book

News by John Jarzemsky February 7, 2012
Shmuley Boteach is an Orthodox Rabbi and best-selling author whose latest book, 'Kosher Jesus,' is ruffling quite a few religious feathers.
To Train Up A Child

Christian Parenting Book Accused of Taking Punishment Too Far

News by Brandon Tietz December 28, 2011
'To Train Up a Child,' a Christian parenting book, is under fire after its methods are blamed for the deaths of three children.
Sexy Catholic

Catholic Church Nixes Porn Bookseller

News by Brandon Tietz November 23, 2011
Catholic church looking to cut ties with German publisher over pornographic materials.
Harper Finds God

HarperCollins Gets God

News by Brandon Tietz
HarperCollins had just acquired Thomas Nelson, a company specializing in inspirational and religious books.