Jimmy Carter: Unstoppable Publishing Juggernaut

Jimmy Carter: Former President, Current Unstoppable Publishing Juggernaut

News by Peter Derk April 2, 2014
A quick look at a handful of Jimmy Carter's whopping 28 books. Who knew?

Telling Tales on the Publishing Industry

Column by Jonathan Wood March 19, 2014
Jonathan Wood talks about the long and inspiring journey to get his debut novel, 'No Hero' to press.

Path to Publication 2.1: Readings, Book Trailers, and Why I Loved AWP So Much It Hurt

Column by Rob Hart March 18, 2014
I was going to write about the follow-up to my first novel, but instead I'm going to talk about AWP.

When It's Time to say "F*** It"

Column by Phil Jourdan March 14, 2014
When you're overwhelmed and insecure about your writing, and you focus on your image as a writer instead of your work, it's time to say "fuck it" and take a step back.

The Top 10 Reasons I May Have Rejected Your Short Story

Column by Susan DeFreitas March 6, 2014
Submitting short fiction to literary journals? Consider this your hit list (or shit list) for avoiding rejection.

Is Self-Publishing Good for You?

Column by Rob Blair Young February 26, 2014
Indie publishing has changed over the years, and is now a viable path to success. That said, it requires far more work (and especially non-writing work) than you may realize.

Is Print the Popular Kid Again?

Column by Leah Dearborn
Print was supposed to die with the new millennium, but a number of digital publications have recently opted to go against the grain and begin production of hard copy editions.
Paul Tremblay Signs Two Book, Six-Figure Contract with William Morrow

Paul Tremblay Signs Two Book, Six-Figure Contract with William Morrow

News by Sean May February 21, 2014
'The Little Sleep' author and friend of LitReactor has signed a six-figure deal with HarperCollins' William Morrow imprint.

‘Good Sex, Great Prayers’: A Journey in Publication (Part 6: Pre-order and Print Copies)

Column by Brandon Tietz
'Good Sex, Great Prayers' moves out of the production stage and onto pre-order.

The Path To Publication 2.0: This Thing Is Actually Happening

Column by Rob Hart February 18, 2014
It's for real this time.
Binge Reading: Bringing The Netflix Model To Publishing

Binge Reading: Bringing The Netflix Model To Publishing

News by Sean May
With the rise in 'binge-watching' of TV shows via services like Netflix, publishers are looking to employ a similar model of releasing entire series in a matter of months.
Exhibit A, News, Publishing, Rob Hart

LitReactor's Rob Hart Signs With Exhibit A For Debut Novel 'New Yorked'

News by Joshua Chaplinsky February 11, 2014
Start saving your pennies. The book comes out next year. Hopefully it doesn't suck.

Authors and Publishers — Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Column by Dean Fetzer February 4, 2014
Brenna Aubrey turned down a six-figure book deal to self-publish. Why? It’s a case highlighting the turmoil at the heart of writing and publishing that doesn’t show any signs of going away.

NYT Magazine Profiles Convicted Murderer Turned Crime Author

News by Sean May
Alaric Hunt is currently serving a life sentence for murder in a South Carolina prison, but that didn't stop him from writing a crime novel.
10 Questions with Suzy Vitello

10 Questions with 'The Moment Before' Author and LitReactor Instructor, Suzy Vitello

Interview by Erin Reel
In this two-part interview, Suzy Vitello, LitReactor instructor and author of 'The Moment Before,' gets real about finding her voice, her long path to publication, and gives sage advice to writers.

2014: A Retrospective of the Year in Books

Column by Cath Murphy December 23, 2013
Tired of 2013? Step into my time machine, fast forward a year and find out what happened on the literary scene in 2014.
Lawsuit by Indie Booksellers Against Amazon Dismissed

Lawsuit by Indie Booksellers Against Amazon Dismissed

News by Dean Fetzer
Another day, another lawsuit ends in a result for the online retail giant and the big six publishers — down to the wording of the allegations.
Amazon Launches StoryFront, A New Short Story Imprint

Amazon Launches StoryFront, A New Short Story Imprint

News by Dean Fetzer
The retail giant keeps expanding its empire — it’s hard to keep track of it all — and has now launched a new marketplace aimed at the burgeoning short fiction market.
Sally Green

The Next J.K. Rowling? First Time Author Nets Huge Book Deal

News by Nathan Scalia November 20, 2013
Sally Green started writing three years ago, and now her book series about witches is getting some major attention from book publishers and movie studios alike.

Analyzing a Short Fiction Publishing Contract

Column by Jessica Meddows November 18, 2013
Great news — you've had your story accepted for publication! This column outlines what you can expect to see in a short fiction contract and what it means.
‘Day One’ - A New Literary Journnal for Kindle by Amazon

‘Day One’ - A New Literary Journal for Kindle by Amazon

News by Dean Fetzer October 31, 2013
The publishing arm of the retail giant has just launched a new weekly digital publication aimed at U.S. Customers that is “dedicated to short fiction and poetry”.
New Study “Suggests Creative Industries Don’t Gain From Copyright Enforcement”

New Study “Suggests Creative Industries Don’t Gain From Copyright Enforcement”

News by Dean Fetzer October 9, 2013
A new policy brief from the UK’s London School of Economics suggests little is being gained by efforts to enforce copyright — in fact, online piracy “could bring more benefit than harm”.
“Publishers think teenagers don't want to read about sex”  - Darren Shan

“Publishers Think Teenagers Don't Want to Read About Sex”

News by Dean Fetzer September 30, 2013
Darren Shan, author of the ‘Zom-B’ series and ‘Cirque du Freak’, says publishers of YA fiction think gory violence is fine, but sex is a no-no, particularly for teenage boys. Huh?!?

Five More Legal Issues All Writers Need To Be Aware Of: Rights, Royalties, Negotiating and more

Column by Jessica Meddows September 20, 2013
This month, we’re going to focus on legal issues you should be aware of from the publishing side – rights, royalties, editing, nasty clauses and negotiation for authors.

5 Other Things You Shouldn't Say to Authors

Column by Brandon Tietz September 13, 2013
Our list of things you shouldn't say to authors extends in this second installment.