What I Learned From 6 Books On Writing Faster

Column by Andrea J. Johnson
I read six books on writing faster, and the common elements revolve around creating a consistent habit and specific reason for the achievement.

Writing with Chronic Pain

Column by Megan J. Kaleita
What to do when your body doesn't give a shit about deadlines.
Joma West: Writing Through the Dark

Joma West: Writing Through the Dark

Interview by Jena Brown August 9, 2022
The author of debut novel "Face" discusses creating a layered narrative, finding her flow, and writing through the dark.

"The Autodidacts": Thomas Kendall On Writing Without An Outline

Column by Thomas Kendall July 25, 2022
Fortunately, your source is infinitely replenishable: On writing without an outline, out of an image you don’t understand, towards a beauty you’re not sure exists.

How This Pantser Became a Plotter — For Now

Column by Karis Rogerson July 13, 2022
An avowed pantser turns herself into a plotter and falls in love with the journey.
"Be Brief and Tell Them Everything": A Rumination and Kind of Review

"Be Brief and Tell Them Everything": A Rumination and Kind of Review

Review by Ben Tanzer June 21, 2022
Brad Listi's latest. Is it a novel? A memoir? Or is it something more?

Build A Gaiman Writing Lab: Experiment and Get Paid

Column by Peter Derk May 17, 2022
Neil Gaiman built a writing lab for himself with 'Sandman.' Here's how you can do it, too.

Writer's Tilt: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Column by Joshua Isard May 10, 2022
We present to you some common causes of writer's tilt and how to successfully combat it.

When Writer's Block is Connected to Depression

Column by Jay Wilburn April 27, 2022
Writer's Block can be a scary thing, especially when it stems from depression. There are things you can do to address it, though.
Catriona Ward interview

Catriona Ward: Learning to Fail

Interview by Jena Brown April 4, 2022
The author of "The Last House on Needless Street" discusses her latest book, why she loves horror, and why failure is a necessary skill for every writer to learn.

Writers: Focus On Your Own Page

Column by Cina Pelayo February 7, 2022
What other writers are doing has absolutely nothing to do with you. Their success does not take away from your success.

Top 10 Insane Things No Writer Has Done But Someone Should

Column by Jay Wilburn February 2, 2022
Maybe these ideas are terrible, but so are most author ideas. Maybe these unique suggestions will change your career forever. Whether it is in a positive way or not, we'll have to wait and see.

Writing a Novel vs. Writing an Album

Column by Christoph Paul January 24, 2022
Which is harder to finish? Some thoughts from a person who did both.

The Pros and Cons of Writing Exercises

Column by Joshua Isard January 20, 2022
What are the best ways for a fiction writer to use writing exercises to their advantage?

How I Learned that Finishing the Book is its Own Accomplishment

Column by Karis Rogerson October 25, 2021
Karis Rogerson finished her first novel in four years and has learned to celebrate that fact.

Writing with Cognitive Impairments

Column by Jay Wilburn September 30, 2021
Jay Wilburn is a full time writer who deals with cognitive impairments. This is the story of how he does it.

Give Up on Your Dreams: Writing for Process Over Ambition

Column by Rob Blair Young June 23, 2021
In today's motivational talk, Rob tells you why you should give up on your dreams of being a writer—for the sake of your writing.

Storyville: Evaluating Your Work in Progress—As Author, Editor, and Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
It's crucial that you can read your writing as the audience, an author, AND an editor.

Rituals to Help Conquer the Blank Page

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
Some witchy tips to help conquer writer's block.

The Swartzwelder Method: Because Writing Should Be Fun

Column by Peter Derk
From the writer of 59 episodes of The Simpsons.

ADD Creators: Revisited

Column by Rob Blair Young
This article revisits the struggles of being an ADD writer, two deadly spirals one can fall into, and the lessons learned by one ADD creator over the last seven years.

How To Write Your Novel in 20 Easy Steps

Column by Gabino Iglesias April 23, 2021
Want to write a novel? Here's the definitive guide, the best guide ever, the only guide you need to get it done!

Why You Didn't Finish Your Novel During COVID

Column by Peter Derk
You didn't finish your novel during the most locked down, least social point in modern history? Join the club.

Weapons of Choice to Draft That Novel Now

Column by Lisa Bubert
Every novelist feels the supreme tug of the in between, and there are ways to power through.

Anti-Resolutions: Is It Possible to Set No Goals But Still Write Successfully?

Column by Jay Wilburn January 5, 2021
Do writer's have to set goals in order to be successful? With all the resolutions we break, are we better off without them? Can an author just write and still get somewhere?