A Poetry Roundup Both Raw and Alive

Column by Ben Tanzer
Chicago, the 90s, dates, and demons wreak havoc on the emotions.
Kristin Garth

Control and Release: BDSM Fiction Author Kristin Garth

Interview by Gabriel Hart November 16, 2022
Gabriel Hart chats with Kristin Garth, author of BDSM novel 'The Meadow' (Alien Buddha).
Jesse Hilson: Navigating The Ghost Territory

Jesse Hilson: Navigating The Ghost Territory

Interview by Gabriel Hart November 7, 2022
Gabriel Hart interviews author, poet, and journalist Jesse Hilson.
To Haunt the Mind: Poet Donna Lynch on "Girls From the County"

To Haunt the Mind: Poet Donna Lynch on "Girls From the County"

Interview by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
An interview with Donna Lynch about her recent poetry collection, 'Girls From the County', out now from Raw Dog Screaming Press.
Jason Fisk on Putting Art Out into the World

Jason Fisk on Putting Art Out into the World

Interview by Ben Tanzer July 18, 2022
The poet and author discusses his debut novel, and how its reception helped him understand his own writing more.

Five Poetry Collections to Read This Summer

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA June 6, 2022
Contemporary poetry recommendations from the first half of 2022.

Song of My Postpartum Self: A Letter to Walt Whitman

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
An open letter to the poet from a new mother.

Doses of Darkness: Bram Stoker Nominated Horror Poetry

Column by Sara Tantlinger April 14, 2022
April is National Poetry Month! Join me in celebrating these 2021 Stoker-nominated works of horror poetry.

10 Dark Recommendations for National Poetry Month 2022

Column by Sadie Hartmann April 6, 2022
In honor of National Poetry Month, and because dark/horror poetry made me feel accepted as a newly formed poetry fan, here are some collections I've read or want to read in celebration.

Do It For The Kids: I Wrote A Book On Sylvia Plath That I Wish I Had As A Teenager

Column by Patricia Grisafi March 16, 2022
We still treat teenagers like their interests and passions are amusing instead of existence-altering. So I wrote a book on Sylvia Plath to challenge that.
D'urban Moffer

Interview: D'urban Moffer "Tap Into Those Liminal Spaces To Pull Forth The Universal"

Interview by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart interviews D'urban Moffer, author of "American Kashayas" (Expat Press).

15 Underrated Love Poems

Column by Emmanuel Nataf February 14, 2022
Set aside your violets and tulips and summer days; let’s take a look at some romantic poems you may not have heard of before, but which deserve your attention just the same.

LURID: Moral Panic in Poetry — A Quilt for David

Column by Karina Wilson October 5, 2021
Sometimes the best way to retell a tarnished story is through poetry. Steven Reigns' new book, "A Quilt For David", re-examines an old moral panic from the 1990s and finds it wanting.

Dear Charles Bukowski

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
An open letter to Charles Bukowski on his birthday.

The Guns Going Bang Is Sick: The Experimental Hyper-Violence of MIKA

Interview by Gabriel Hart
The experimental mid-west trans author/editor opens fire.

The Poetry of Joni Mitchell’s "Blue" Album: An Appreciation

Column by David Cranmer June 22, 2021
Joni Mitchell’s 'Blue' turns 50. Poet and Mitchell fan David Cranmer eclectically reflects on Blue’s impact that is still growing, her connection to the confessional poets, and why this music endures.

The Poetry of Wicked Mercy

Column by Dani Putney
Poet Dani Putney finds beauty in the macabre in their debut collection, "Salamat sa Intersectionality."

When the Answer Isn't Always Edgar Allan Poe

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA May 10, 2021
This essay encourages readers and writers alike to bridge the gap between literary and genre in order to find horror in unsuspecting places.

Blackout Poetry: New Interest in an Old Artform

Column by Jay Wilburn May 7, 2021
Blackout poetry is appearing more in education, art therapy, and online. This and related art forms have been around a while, so this recent surge in interest calls for a closer inspection.

Gary Snyder: The Last Remaining Beat

Column by Joshua Isard
A celebration of a poet and thinker of the highest quality—one who can’t easily be categorized.

11 Poetic Forms Ranked

Column by Rob Blair Young April 26, 2021
For National Poetry Month, I'm ranking eleven different types of formal poetry.

Remembering Wanda Coleman: The Unofficial Poet Laureate of Los Angeles

Column by Gabriel Hart
A look back on the trailblazing Black Sparrow Press poet who proved more daring than Bukowski.
An Interview with Poet/Veteran J.B. Stevens

An Interview with Poet/Veteran J.B. Stevens

Interview by Gabriel Hart
J.B. Stevens discusses the complex issues of war, law enforcement, and writing poetry.

Thirteen Musicians Who Can Also Write

Column by Gabriel Hart March 23, 2021
Music isn't the end-all to self-expression. For a lot of us it’s just the foreword.

The Sound of Absence: Utilizing White Space in Poetry

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
This essay explores how white space can be used in poetry as a literary device that thrives on the power of absence.