It's Hard to Be Scared of the Man with the Knife, Anymore

Column by Paul Michael Anderson
How do you make a slasher scary, and why do so many fail?

Tales From the Crust: Pizza My Skull

Column by David James Keaton
"Tales From the Crust: An Anthology of Pizza Horror" is out today, and it is a plague unleashed upon the horror genre. Read the intro, for free, RIGHT HERE!
"Tales From the Crust" Exclusive TOC and Cover Reveal!

"Tales From the Crust" Exclusive TOC and Cover Reveal!

News by Joshua Chaplinsky July 26, 2019
The horror anthology you all thought was a joke is here and it is deadly serious. Courtesy of those maniacs over at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Nonreaders Raise Nonreaders and Other Lessons Learned Selling Books at Small-Town Fests

Column by Max Booth III
A guide for surviving craft fairs and book conventions.

Lost Films Anthology: Embrace the Ugly

Column by Max Booth III
Everybody knows at least one haunted film.

Lost Signals: The Terrifying Truth About Radios

Column by Max Booth III August 3, 2016
Why radios are scary and how they inspired the latest horror anthology from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Five New (and Newish) Horror Markets for Short Fiction

Column by George Cotronis
It is almost Halloween and you need some new markets to send those spooky stories of yours.

18 Things to do Before I Die: The Book Vendor’s Bucket List

Column by Max Booth III September 30, 2015
The essential list for every serious convention book vendor.
Dark Moon Digest

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing Acquires Dark Moon Digest

News by Max Booth III July 20, 2015
A small press and a horror magazine have joined together to create an adorable skull child.