7 Reasons You Should Actually Read Moby-Dick

Column by Annie Neugebauer
The classic novel that few have actually read, "Moby-Dick" is truly worth your time. Here are 7 reasons why.

Crappy, Ben-Cooper-Style Literary Costumes

Column by Peter Derk October 17, 2019
Bukowski, Dickens, Gilman. They're all hear in crappy, plastic glory.

A List of Books I Recommended to Autumn Christian for "Girl Like a Bomb"

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Editors suggest books to inspire writers. Here is an example.

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Musicians with library cards, and the records they make...

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'Moby Dick In Space' Movie

'Moby Dick In Space' Movie Gets Some Much-Needed Support

News by Rob Hart October 3, 2012
Lynne Ramsay, director of 'We Need to Talk About Kevin', has procured funding for 'Mobius', a sci-fi take on Herman Melville's classic novel.
Famous Literature-Inspired Buildings

Novel Architecture: Buildings Inspired By Classic Literature

News by Dave Reuss May 4, 2012
From the Hobbit Motel to the Alice in Wonderland Rabbit House, famous fiction has helped create some stunning structures.

White Whale, Holy Grail: Moby Dick and Mastodon's Leviathan

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 4, 2012
An epic column about an epic metal record about Melville's epic novel.