From Page To Screen: Fight Club for Girls, Guardians of the Galaxy and Steampunk

From Page To Screen: Fight Club for Girls, Guardians of the Galaxy and Steampunk Tom Sawyer

News by Rob Hart August 20, 2012
In today's 'From Page to Screen,' we've got Fight Club for girls, a Troma guy possibly heading to Marvel, and steampunk Tom Sawyer!

Five Reasons To Get Excited About Guardians Of The Galaxy

Column by BH Shepherd August 16, 2012
What Guardians of the Galaxy means for the Marvel Movie Universe.
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From Page To Screen: Galactus, The Great Gatsby and The Gunslinger

News by Rob Hart August 7, 2012
Galactus may face off against The Avengers, Gatsby gets shoved to summer, and Russell Crowe may be slingin' some guns instead of Javier Bardem, in today's 'From Page to Screen...'
Marvel's Northstar To Get Gay Married

Diversity Hits Comic Book World; Marvel's Northstar To Get Gay Married Next Month

News by Rob Hart May 24, 2012
Marvel Comics will feature the marriage of Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in 'Astonishing X-Men' this summer--meanwhile, DC is planning to out an established character.

Assembling the Avengers: An Essential Reading List

Column by BH Shepherd May 4, 2012
The Avengers has always been about vastly different people finding common ground and working together. This just might be the superhero movie we need.
Brian Michael Bendis Book Deal

Bigshot Marvel Writer Secures Book Deal with Random House

News by John Jarzemsky April 4, 2012
Brian Michael Bendis, who has been a major influence on the trajectory of the Marvel universe for many years, has secured a deal with Random House.
 Free Digital Copies With Marvel Print Comics

Marvel To Include Free Digital Copies With Print Comics

News by Rob Hart March 15, 2012
Starting in June, Marvel Comics will include free download codes in all print comics costing $3.99--which doesn't address the issue they have with pricing.
Marvel Suing Creator Of Ghost Rider

Marvel Comics Suing Creator Of Ghost Rider For $17,000, Looks Bad Doing It

News by Rob Hart February 10, 2012
Marvel Comics is earning some scorn over its decision to sue the creator of Ghost Rider for fees he's been paid to attend conventions--they think it's copyright infringement, but is it really?

Does Marvel Need To Pull A DC Comics 52 Relaunch?

Column by Jason Van Horn January 27, 2012
After the success of the DC Comics relaunch, should Marvel consider doing something similar?

Avengers vs X-Men: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Event Books

Column by Jason Van Horn January 9, 2012
An apprehensive look at the upcoming 'Avengers vs X-Men' event book from Marvel.

Ultimate Spider-Man: The Hero We Need (Though Might Not Want)

Column by Jason Van Horn December 9, 2011
Many reader's were upset by the idea of a black Spiderman, but they got one anyway. His name's not Peter Parker, but Miles Morales could end up being a better Spider-Man than Peter ever was.
Scarlet Spider

The Scarlet Spider Returns!

News by Brandon Tietz December 7, 2011
The Scarlet Spider is considered one of the darker marks of the Spider-Man franchise. Will his return be triumphant or terrible?