Human vs Technology: A Look at Digital-Era Dystopia

Column by Rob Blair Young June 23, 2014
I look at the world of digital-era dystopia and give my theory on why this sub-genre has seen so much success over the last few years.

Fiction Shmiction: The Science of Stories and Unconscious Beliefs

Column by Rob Blair Young June 9, 2014
The stories we witness shape our unconscious beliefs about the world around us. This article gives scientific backup for how.

Believing In the Nonexistent: An Introduction to Fictional Realism

Column by Leah Dearborn May 9, 2014
Have you ever wished that Rivendell existed so that you could go there next spring break? Fictional realists argue that technically, it does.

Fiction Shmiction: How Writing Creates the World

Column by Rob Blair Young May 7, 2014
Fiction doesn't excuse a work from poor arguments and misrepresentation of people, groups, beliefs, or ideas. After all, fiction creates the world.