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The Curse of the Second Novel: Four Ways Not To Fuck Up Book Number Two

Column by Cath Murphy February 8, 2012
Writing a bad book after a great debut is so common it has a name: Second Novel Syndrome. Here are four reasons well known authors fell victim to the Curse of the Second Novel.

The Word You’re Looking For Is Genius—Not Crazy, Genius: The Top 5 Craziest Crime Writers

Column by Keith Rawson January 23, 2012
Who're the craziest crime writers in history? Hell, probably all of them, but here are the top five, at least in one writer's opinion.

Five Big Fat Literary Fakes

Column by Cath Murphy January 10, 2012
A look at the most common literary fibs, and some of the worst offenders.

The 10 Best Book To Movie Casting Decisions

Column by Meredith Borders January 6, 2012
As book lovers, we feel protective of our favorite characters, entitled to them in a way that is often threatened by inexplicable casting. Below are ten times that the casting directors nailed it.

LitReactor Staff Picks: The Best Books of 2011

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 30, 2011
Members of the LitReactor writing staff list their favorite books read in the year of our Lord 2011.
Nielsen's Best of 2011

Best-Selling Books For 2011, According to Nielsen's

News by Rob Hart December 29, 2011
Nielsen's Bookscan lists the best-selling books of 2011 for your amusement/pleasure/anger.

The Top 10 Book to Film Adaptations That Were Actually Good

Column by John Jarzemsky December 29, 2011
A list of films that have defied the conventions of the old adage "the book is always better!"

Top 10 Things We'd Like to See in the 'American Psycho' Remake

Column by Brandon Tietz December 28, 2011
We're still of a mind that an 'American Psycho' remake is a terrible idea, but if you must do it, here's some things we'd like to see.
Holiday Book and Gifts

What Did Everyone Get For The Holidays?

News by Joshua Chaplinsky December 27, 2011
LitReactor newsies Brandon Tietz and Rob W. Hart show you theirs. Will you show us yours?

Five Free-to-Air Apps and Services to Make Your Writing Life Easier

Column by Paul Graham Raven December 27, 2011
Ignore your empty bank account and expand your writer's techno-toolset with these five free apps, services and softwares.

Top Ten Comics That Should Be A TV Series

Column by Jason Van Horn December 16, 2011
Ten comic books that should be turned into a television series, posthaste!

Buying Guide: How To Shop For A Writer This Holiday Season

Column by Rob Hart December 16, 2011
Are you buying for a writer this holiday season? Here's a guide to the gifts that will win you their love and respect.

Five Lame Excuses for Plagiarism

Column by Cath Murphy December 12, 2011
Been caught stealing? Here are five excuses NOT to use.

10 Gift Ideas No Book Lover Can Live Without This Holiday Season

Column by Meredith Borders December 9, 2011
Stumped on what to buy Dad, Mom, your friends, your fella or your lady? Allow us to help.

Six Shortcomings of Small Presses

Column by Brandon Tietz December 6, 2011
Are you shopping your book around to small presses? Here's some things to keep in mind.

The Top 10 Best Opening Lines Of Novels

Column by Meredith Borders December 2, 2011
So few books get that critical first line truly, completely right. Here are ten that do.

Top 10 Ways To Make 'The Walking Dead' Less Stupid

Column by Rob Hart November 30, 2011
'The Walking Dead' just wrapped up the first half of its second season--and unless they address the problems with its writing, I'm not going to tune back in come February.

Behold! The Unfilmable: The Literary Adaptations of David Cronenberg

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky November 25, 2011
A detailed look at the literary leanings of cult filmmaker, David Cronenberg.

The Author's To-Don't List

Column by Brandon Tietz November 15, 2011
Authors have a pretty standard lexicon of advice they give to young writers, but sometimes it's what you don't do that matters most.

The 10 Most Badass Literary Children

Column by Meredith Borders November 11, 2011
Kids are generally pretty annoying. Yet some children rise above their youthful station to achieve great heights of badassery. Read on for the raddest fictional children ever.

The Top 10 Scenes In Literature To Bring You Terrorsleep: Part 2

Column by Tina Estlin Page October 31, 2011
Books that go bump in the night. The conclusion of the top 10 most terrifying scenes in literature.

From Silk Purses to Sows’ Ears

Column by Ed Sikov October 28, 2011
When It Comes to Books Made Into Movies, Middlebrow Assumptions Are Invariably Stupid

Three Things the Author of "Gods and Monsters" Learned by Listening to His Students

Column by Christopher Bram October 26, 2011
Three Things the Author of "Gods and Monsters" Learned by Listening to His Students.

The Top 10 Scenes In Literature To Bring You Terrorsleep: Part 1

Column by Tina Estlin Page October 17, 2011
Books that go bump in the night.

Cavalcade Of Literary Jerks: Part 2

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 14, 2011
Yes they are all esteemed authors. Yes they've published some important works. And yes, they're all jerks. Join us in celebrating the Top 10 literary jerks of all time.