Top 5s, Top 10s, even Top 8's. Everyone loves lists! And we have a ton of 'em!

5 Realty Listings That Could Be Your Character’s New Home

Column by Leah Dearborn
Sometimes, a house can read like a main character in itself.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dialogue

Column by Susan DeFreitas February 23, 2015
Dialogue is, in many ways, the heart of fiction. That's why it pays to get it right—or, at the very least, not wrong.

10 Great Loose Film Adaptations

Column by Christopher Shultz February 20, 2015
The term "loose adaption" can make bookish people cringe. But there are plenty of amazing films that don't religiously stick to the source material. Here are ten.

Sneaking Around in YA: 6 Kickass Female Spies

Column by Riki Cleveland
Whether they're fighting crime in the halls of the local high school, or fending off the the bad guys in Cold-war Russia, these girls know how to kick butt and take some names.

The Two Hours' Traffic of Our Stage: 9 Films You May Not Know are Shakespeare Adaptations

Column by Emily Rose Lathrop
Nine films you may or may not know are based off of Shakespeare plays.

Seven Grammar Tools to Love

Column by Taylor Houston February 13, 2015
Grammar gets a bad rap, but some grammar rules are actually there to HELP you. Here are seven tools I have learned to love.

Some Literary Dos and Don'ts for a Lonely Valentine's Day

Column by John Jarzemsky February 12, 2015
A list of titles to consider and avoid if you're alone on this Valentine's Day

Crazy In Love: Five Authors And Their Stalkers

Column by Peter Derk
Is stalking the 6th Love Language? Probably not. Authors and their stalkers.

The Anti-Love: 10 Great Fictional Nemeses

Column by Kelly Thompson February 6, 2015
All we hear about in February is love, love, love. Well I say BOO to that. Let's talk about the anti-love...let's talk about great nemesis pairings in media!

5 Non-Writerly Apps For Writers

Column by Christopher Shultz
While not designed specifically for us wordsmiths, these five apps for iOS and Android are handy for writers.

10 Books I Will Finally Read This Year

Column by Christine J. Schmidt January 27, 2015
I've put them off for too long!

13 Resolutions for the Reading Life

Column by Riki Cleveland January 22, 2015
Thirteen resolutions to shape your 2015 reading experience, in hopes of making this year bigger and better than the last.

5 Ways To Write A Page A Day In 2015

Column by Christine J. Schmidt January 20, 2015
2015 is the year of the writer, and that writer is you.

Ring in the Noir Year: 8 Promising New Crime Titles For 2015

Column by Leah Dearborn
A New Year’s roundup of some promising noir, mystery, and true crime to ring in 2015.

5 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2015

Column by Max Booth III January 16, 2015
"Why read the book when you can just watch the movie?" -- This, and other questions that can get you slapped in public.

14 Highly Anticipated YA Novels for the First Half of 2015

Column by Riki Cleveland January 15, 2015
Lots of "must adds" for your Young Adult to-be-read list.

Breaking the Rules: How the Serial Podcast Achieved its Insane Popularity

Column by Cath Murphy January 14, 2015
In November last year, the 'Serial' podcast hit 5m downloads. But what explains its insane popularity? Is it because of the rules that it follows, or because of the rules that it breaks?

Hitting Your Stride: 7 Tips for Higher Word Counts in 2015

Column by Susan DeFreitas
Writing output in 2014 less than prodigious? Here are some hot tips from famous writers, productivity gurus, neuroscience, and yours truly for higher word counts in 2015.

Five Books to Read in the Dead of Winter

Column by Emma McMorran Clark January 9, 2015
Winter isn't done with you yet. Here are five books to help you cope.

Storyville: Ten Places to Send Your Fiction in 2015

Column by Richard Thomas January 8, 2015
Ten ideas for where to send your fiction in 2015.

Saved By The Supporting Characters

Column by Christine J. Schmidt January 7, 2015
Can a novel be great even if the protagonist isn't?

Crappy New Year: 5 Failed Writing Resolutions

Column by Peter Derk December 30, 2014
Lots of writers resolve to write when the ball drops. What happens to those resolutions over the next 365 days?

Storyville: The Top Ten Things I Read in 2014

Column by Richard Thomas December 29, 2014
Some of my favorite reads of 2014.

Seven Important Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From the Bestselling Books of 2014

Column by Cath Murphy December 23, 2014
Why pay big bucks to marketing consultancies when unlocking the secrets of the bestseller is a simple matter of looking at Amazon lists and making a few snap judgments?

I’m Dreaming of a Red Christmas: 7 Horror Books to Read Over the Holidays

Column by Max Booth III December 23, 2014
Grab some chocolate milk, decapitate the Elf on the Shelf once and for all, and settle in for your required dose of holiday horror.