Anthropodermic Bibliopegy: Books Bound In Human Skin

Column by Peter Derk
Why do books bound in human skin exist? Why do libraries have them? Why should they be preserved?

Use Your Library to Save Your Library

Column by Peter Derk
If you're worried about your library shutting down, I can help. And if you're not worried about your library shutting down, you should be.

The Vital Role of Libraries in Wartime

Column by Leah Dearborn
As visible, public cultural institutions, libraries have long played a role in the protection of civilians and shared heritage, as well as information dissemination during wartime.

Will Libraries Ever Recover From COVID?

Column by Peter Derk January 4, 2022
We're going to make it through this pandemic. But will the library?

Library Lightning Round

Column by Peter Derk September 14, 2021
Bed bugs, books 50 years overdue, and why saying you love books won't get you a library job.

What Libraries Get Wrong About Summer Reading

Column by Peter Derk
Libraries mostly get it right, but once in a while, they get (sun)burned.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Local Library For Library Lovers' Month

Column by Emmanuel Nataf February 10, 2020
February is Library Lovers' Month! To help you celebrate, we've got six tips for showing your local library some appreciation.

8 Writing and Researching Tools You Might be Ignoring

Column by Gabino Iglesias September 18, 2019
When it comes to writing and research, some really useful tools are hiding in plain sight. Here's a list of my favorites.

Requests, Not Demands: How to Get Your Books into Libraries

Column by Peter Derk August 7, 2019
The library is your friend. Don't alienate it.

The 3 Worst Duties I Performed As A Librarian

Column by Peter Derk June 25, 2019
At the end of a 15-year librarian stint, which 3 moments stick out the most?

Library Love: Seed Libraries

Column by Stephanie Bonjack March 27, 2019
Seed libraries are the coolest oldest newest way to gain access to the biodiversity in your region.

Baby Come Back...To Your Library

Column by Peter Derk
Let's stop playing "Separate Ways (World Apart)" and get back to "Lovin', Touchin,' Squeezin'."

Places To Read and Listen To Books For Free

Column by Michael David Wilson February 5, 2019
Strapped for cash but need a story fix? Here are some online venues where you can read and listen to books for free.

Library Love: Old Books Make Me Feel Fancy!

Column by Stephanie Bonjack March 19, 2018
Chances are, there are rare books on a library shelf near you. Throw on your sweater with the elbow patches and check them out!!!

Library Love: I Left My Heart in the Book Drop

Column by Stephanie Bonjack October 19, 2017
Book drops are the library furniture you never notice but always use.

Out of Circulation: 'My Fair Lady' by Louis Hemon

Column by Leah Rhyne
Can old books be timely? Pertinent? Even those that are out of print? One columnist tries to answer that question, one book at a time.

13 Ways to Support an Author Without Ever Spending a Dime

Column by Steph Post April 18, 2017
A list of ways for readers to support their favorite authors without spending money on books.

7 Tips for Donating Old Books Without Being A Jerk

Column by Peter Derk March 27, 2017
Are you really doing anyone a favor with your book donation?

5 Lit-Friendly Cities You Can Expatriate To

Column by Christopher Shultz February 13, 2017
Has the political climate got you down? Are you ready to abandon your homeland and relocate to another country? Why not try these five literary destinations?

Library Love: Little Free Libraries

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Little Free Libraries are maybe the best thing since sliced bread.

Library Love: Where Do Books Go When They Die?

Column by Stephanie Bonjack October 17, 2016
Some books, actually a lot of them, have an expiration date.
Read David Mitchell's Newest Book — In The Year 2114

Read David Mitchell's Newest Book — In The Year 2114

News by Peter Derk May 31, 2016
David Mitchell writes manuscript, joins Margaret Atwood in the Future Library Project.

Library Love: The Jedi Are The Best Library Patrons In The Universe

Column by Stephanie Bonjack December 16, 2015
Of course the Jedi would have amazing archives!

Library Love: A Rough Timeline of Lost Libraries

Column by Leah Dearborn November 17, 2015
From Iraq to Los Angeles, countless libraries have been lost to war, fire, and “progress.”

11 Reasons You Should Not Get A Degree In Library Science

Column by Peter Derk November 6, 2015
A ten-year library vet tells you why it's a bad idea to follow in his footsteps.