8 Superb Books to Celebrate GLBT Month

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
While we believe LGBTQ+ stories should be incorporated into people’s reading lists year-round, here are eight diverse and truly superb books to help your celebrate GLBT Book Month this June.

The Complex Exploration of Sex and Identity in Christopher Buehlman's 'The Necromancer's House'

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at Christopher Buehlman's portrayal of sexuality and gender fluidity in his novel of magic and myth.

Annalee Newitz’s 'Autonomous': Cyberpunk from the Female Perspective

Column by Bart Bishop February 27, 2018
A look at Annalee Newitz’s 'Autonomous', a science-fiction novel from 2017 that is influenced by cyberpunk in its tackling of Big Pharma and gender fluidity.

Queer Stereotypes Aren't Just Bad Writing—It Goes Deeper, Says 'Writing The Rainbow' Instructor Nita Tyndall

Column by Nita Tyndall
Nita Tyndall talks a bit about her upcoming LitReactor class 'Writing the Rainbow', a two-week workshop on how to render honest gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters in your fiction.

7 YA Novels Featuring Lesbian and Bisexual Girls

Column by Riki Cleveland
With increased exposure and reader’s desire to see themselves in the pages of the books they read, there are more young adult novels that explore the lesbian and bisexual experience. Here are seven.

Six Novels On the Transgender Experience

Column by Riki Cleveland
Never before has it been more important to have quality young adult novels depicting LGBTQ characters in the hands of readers. Here are six unique novels that feature a transgendered protagonist.

Voices From the Red-Light District: 10 Books About Prostitutes

Column by Leah Dearborn
How writers choose to describe prostitution and those who engage in it can reveal a lot about gender dynamics and cultural attitudes towards sex.

Dinosaurs, Billionaires, and Butts: The Top 10 Erotic Stories by Chuck Tingle

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky June 10, 2015
Tired of boring old bigfoot sex? There's a new king of the indie erotica scene.
queer and trans writing ten questions cooper

10 Questions with LitReactor Instructor and Memoirist Cooper Lee Bombardier

October 29, 2014
What would you like to know about queer and trans writers? We caught up with writer and LitReactor instructor, Cooper Lee Bombardier, to ask ten questions about his work.

White Guilt: 10 Books For The Betterment Of The Straight White Male

Column by Peter Derk July 23, 2014
A reading list of books for straight white males to make them less...like straight white males.
Author Nancy Garden Dies at 76

Author Nancy Garden Dies at 76

News by Riki Cleveland June 25, 2014
Author Nancy Garden Dies at 76.

5 Great Memoirs, from Bette Davis to the Rolling Stones

Column by Ed Sikov May 2, 2014
Biographer and autobiographer Ed Sikov celebrates five of his favorite memoirs.

Openly Gay in YA: Four Characters You Need to Know Now

Column by Riki Cleveland April 30, 2014
The four openly gay characters in young adult literature that you need to know now.
Bookshots: 'Mr. Loverman' by Bernadine Evaristo

Bookshots: 'Mr. Loverman' by Bernadine Evaristo

Review by Leah Dearborn
Fed up with his wife of 50 years, Barrington plans to finally reveal that he’s in love with his best friend, Morris.

5 Queer Relationships in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Column by Rajan Khanna February 13, 2014
In honor of Valentine's Day we look at some queer relationships in science fiction and fantasy books.

Dystropia: Why The Sassy Gay Friend Isn't Progressive

Column by Troy Farah September 16, 2013
The Sassy Gay Friend, aka the Pet Homosexual, attempts to be liberal, but it falls incredibly short. Let's look see why.
Macmillian Becomes the 1st UK Dictionary To Include Same-Sex Couples in Their De

Macmillian Becomes 1st UK Dictionary To Include Same-Sex Couples in Their Definition of Marriage

News by Dean Fetzer
The dictionary is the first in the UK to change the definition following changes in the law allowing same-sex couples to marry.
"GAYs: They Changed the World"

A Colorful Past: Gay History Book Stirs Tension In Russia

News by Nathan Scalia
Russian officials are demanding that the history book "GAYs: They Changed the World" be removed from book stores.
Wolverine gay kiss

Wolverine and Hercules Share Intimate Kiss in Alternate Universe Series

News by Christopher Shultz March 4, 2013
While DC Comics faces fierce criticism for their writerly choices, Marvel continues to trailblaze positive LGBT depictions with the latest issue of "X-Treme X-Men."
News, LGBT, Timothy Kurek

Former Homophobe Pretends He's Gay To Better Understand LGBT Community; Writing Book About It

News by Rob Hart June 15, 2012
Timothy Kurek, an admitted homophobe, changed his views when a friend came out. To better understand the external struggle, he pretended to be gay for a year, and is writing a book about it.
Christa Faust Auditioning Butch Dicks For Book Trailer

Christa Faust Auditioning Butch Dicks For Book Trailer, UPDATED WITH KICKSTARTER!

News by Rob Hart June 8, 2012
Do you have what it takes to portray Dyke Dick Butch Fatale in a book trailer? Christa Faust is auditioning for the role--and the reading public will pick the winner.
Marvel's Northstar To Get Gay Married

Diversity Hits Comic Book World; Marvel's Northstar To Get Gay Married Next Month

News by Rob Hart May 24, 2012
Marvel Comics will feature the marriage of Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in 'Astonishing X-Men' this summer--meanwhile, DC is planning to out an established character.

Does Gay Writing Deserve Special Treatment?

Column by Cath Murphy March 2, 2012
A 'gay' book won the Booker in 2004, but awards specifically for gay writers and writing still exist - is it time we all wrote on a level playing field?
Group Demands Toys 'R' Us Remove Gay Archie Comic

Conservative Group Demands Toys 'R' Us Remove Archie Comic Featuring Gay Marriage

News by Rob Hart February 29, 2012
One Million Moms is demanding that Toys 'R' Us remove an issue of Archie Comics depicting two characters getting gay married, lest their children be indoctrinated to tolerance.
Romance Fiction Competition Bans Same-Sex Stories

Romance Fiction Competition Bans Stories With Same-Sex Love

News by Rob Hart February 8, 2012
An Oklahoma-based chapter of the Romance Writers of America sparked a bit of outrage recently when they banned same-sex fiction from a writing competition, leading them to cancel the contest.