2022: The Year of Intrusive Thought As High Art Literature

Column by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart gives us a peculiar listicle that unspools the zeitgeist of literature in 2022.

The Melting Point of Platinum: On Joyce Carol Oates' 'Blonde'

Column by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart muses on 'Blonde,' the novel by Joyce Carol Oates for the release of its film adaptation by Andrew Dominik this month.

The Importance of Atmosphere in Horror

Column by Max Booth III
Why sometimes the most important aspect of horror is how it mades you feel.

10 Novels Featuring Edgar Allan Poe As A Character

Column by Christopher Shultz January 9, 2019
In honor of Poe's 210th birthday, we take a look at ten different fictional takes on the troubled literary figure.

Swipe left: Seven Sick Literary Hook-ups

Column by JS Breukelaar
The fictional hook-ups that mess with our minds are the ones that take on a dark life of their own, and any pretense to playing God on the part of the author, just goes out the window.

22 of the Best Single Sentences on Writing

Column by Christopher Shultz April 8, 2016
If good writing is succinct and concise, then shouldn't the same be true of writing advice?

Ten Twisted Christmas Tales, Volume III

Column by Christopher Shultz
It's that time of year again, when the rest of the world sings along with Mariah Carey and maxes out their credit cards. But what about the rest of us?

Storyville: Dissecting "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" by Joyce Carol Oates

Column by Richard Thomas November 25, 2013
One of the most talked about, published and taught stories, I dissect "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" by Joyce Carol Oates.
Joyce Carol Oates Egypt tweets

Twitter Storm Erupts Over Joyce Carol Oates Egypt Tweets

News by Dean Fetzer July 9, 2013
The author has upset the Twittersphere with her tweets linking Islam and rape culture — oops.
Joyce Carol Oates Joins Twitter

Joyce Carol Oates Joins The Twitter Community

News by Benoît Lelièvre November 1, 2012
Legendary author Joyce Carol Oates has created a personal Twitter account. She's very, very good at it.

LURID: It's Alive! The Top 10 Mad Scientists of Literature!

Column by Karina Wilson May 18, 2012
From Prometheus (Aeschylus) to Prometheus (Scott): Top ten pick of the most enduringly mad scientists in horror fiction, both before and after the reality of Dr. Josef Mengele.