LURID: Victorian Psycho - The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Column by Karina Wilson October 16, 2013
On Oscar Wilde's 159th birthday, Lurid takes a look at 'The Picture of Dorian Gray,' his only novel. In turns chilling and beautiful, does it really reveal the identity of Jack The Ripper?

LURID: Saucy Jack - The Ripper In Horror Fiction

Column by Karina Wilson September 28, 2012
On the anniversary of the 'double event,' Lurid takes a look at the long shadow that Jack The Ripper, the original caped crusader, has cast on horror fiction to the present day.
Lizzie Williams Jack The Ripper

New Book Claims Jack The Ripper Was A Woman

News by Kimberly Turner May 10, 2012
A controversial new book, 'Jack The Ripper: The Hand Of A Woman' by John Morris, claims one of history's most notorious serial killers was a woman named Lizzie Williams.