How to Purge the Thousand Story Ideas Running Around In Your Head

Column by Peter Derk July 27, 2020
You've got a bunch of ideas dragging on your limited resources. Let's get rid of 'em.

Access Your Subconscious for Better Writing

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All great stories exist in the place outside the conscious mind.

Storm the Brain! 15 Methods to Get Unstuck, Prompt Ideas, and Solve Problems

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Gene Weingarten picks story idea out of hat - literally

Pulitzer Winning Columnist Picks Story Subject Out of Hat

News by Dean Fetzer
An idea picked at random, Gene Weingarten’s new book ‘One Day’ will center on a single day in U.S. History.

Storyville: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Column by Richard Thomas February 16, 2012
Where do you get your ideas? Turns out, you can get them just about anywhere. But the best stories tap into your personal experiences and emotional truths.