Bookshots: 'All Back Full' by Robert Lopez

Bookshots: 'All Back Full' by Robert Lopez

Review by Gabino Iglesias
A review of the "novel in three acts."

7 Reasons Authors Need to be More Like Rappers

Column by Gabino Iglesias February 13, 2017
It's time authors learned a thing or two from rappers and made the literary world a bit more exciting.

A Writer's 5 Stages of Computer Failure

Column by Max Booth III February 2, 2017
Probably the worst thing to happen in 2016.

What I Hate About Being A Writer

Column by Ed Sikov
In which a LitReactor columnist spews out all the bile in his soul, a bit of self-contempt, and most of all, his well-known but still underappreciated misanthropy.

5 Tips for Turning Your Day Job into a Secret Writing Office

Column by Max Booth III
When all else fails, you can always put a tie on your cat and send him to the office in your stead.

How I Turned My Shitty Night Job into a Novel

Column by Max Booth III January 2, 2017
This is the article that gets Max fired.

My Life Dumpster Diving for Books

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Reading is a drug, and some of us will do whatever it takes to get a fix.

23 Translations: What Your Editor's Queries REALLY Mean

Column by Holly Slater October 4, 2016
“Author query” can be a confusing term. We know how frustrating and delicate writing queries for agents and publishers can be. This is a whole other circus: the query from the Other Side.

John Swartzwelder Is The Funniest Writer You're Not Reading

Column by Peter Derk June 27, 2016
Truly funny books are not easy to come by. Lucky for us, John Swartzwelder has written a dozen.

Every Anne Rice Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 19, 2016
The Anne Rice oeuvre gets the Twitter treatment for the uninitiated.

11 Chumptastic Reasons That Book Clubs Are For Chumps

Column by Peter Derk April 28, 2016
Book clubs are for chumps. I'll prove it in 10 reasons or less.

10 Reasons Why Books Are Always Better Than Boys

Column by Riki Cleveland
Books or boys? How is a girl to chose? Here are ten reasons why books will never let you down.

Six Ways Pets Improve Your Writing

Column by Raine Winters April 19, 2016
WARNING: Extreme cuteness contained within.

Every Danielle Steel Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky April 1, 2016
Three interns died while researching this article. Their efforts were not in vain.

Editor's Notes: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Column by Peter Derk
A magical, whimsical poem is given the editor's best.
Bookshots: 'Formerly Fingerman' by Joe Nelms

Bookshots: 'Formerly Fingerman' by Joe Nelms

Review by Leah Rhyne January 12, 2015
In Joe Nelms' 'Formerly Fingerman', the classic Mafia tale gets a silly, giggly, heartbreaking makeover.
Hello Devilfish

Bookshots: 'Hello Devilfish!' by Ron Dakron

Review by Ryan Peverly
Ron Dakron's "Hello Devilfish!" is part comic absurdity, part serious social commentary, and all entertainment all the time.
Pynchon Punch-Up On Simpsons Script

Pynchon Punch-Up On Simpsons Script

News by Peter Derk
Thomas Pynchon's handwritten edits to his Simpsons script revealed!

How To Break Up With Your First Draft

Column by Christine J. Schmidt April 14, 2014
You're staying with your first draft for all the wrong reasons. It's time to break free and get to the story you were always meant to write!

In Defence of Snark: Why Dark Humour Can Save Your Life

Column by Cath Murphy March 24, 2014
Did something terrible happen? Don't cry. Don't bore your friends with the details. Pick up a pen and write a joke about it.
Bookshots: 'Little Failure: A Memoir' by Gary Shteyngart

Bookshots: 'Little Failure: A Memoir' by Gary Shteyngart

Review by Leah Dearborn
Shteyngart offers up all the embarrassments of his childhood as fodder, resulting in a very personal portrait of a flawed but loving family.

Twisted And Wrong: 6 Children's Books Intended for Adults

Column by Stephanie Bonjack October 14, 2013
Not all children's books are created equal. Here are a few gems written just for you, grownup.

What Would Jesus Write?

Column by Robbie Blair August 16, 2013
A pseudo-serious examination of who Jesus would be if he were a modern writer, one that answers questions about Jesus's genre, style, theme, and approach to publishing.

Five Inappropriate Parenting Books Every Reader Will Enjoy

Column by Stephanie Bonjack August 9, 2013
Parenting books are good at conveying a deep sense of inadequacy - even if you're not a parent! Fortunately, comedic writers have responded in kind. Here's to you, Dr. Sears.

10 More Hysterical, Offensive, Ridiculous, Controversial, Frightening, Sexy Book Covers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 30, 2013
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but these designs make it awfully hard not to. Maybe even more so than the previous batch.