The Horror of Roald Dahl

Column by Repo Kempt
Roald Dahl is famous for his beloved children's novels, but his forgotten forays into horror and the strange were equally successful.

KillerCon 2018: A Recap

Column by Christoph Paul September 6, 2018
KillerCon returns, and Christoph Paul was there.

13 Dark Short Stories You Can Read for Free Right Now

Column by Annie Neugebauer August 24, 2018
13 killer stories you can read for free online right now! What are you waiting for?

Collaborating with a Dead Hero

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Sometimes in life you get a different version of a dream you didn't even know you had...

Fangoria Presents: "Carnivorous Lunar Activities" by Max Booth III

News by Joshua Chaplinsky August 22, 2018
"If you love 'An American Werewolf in London','re really going to enjoy the next Fangoria Presents book, 'Carnivorous Lunar Activities', by Max Booth III."

Lost Films Anthology: Embrace the Ugly

Column by Max Booth III August 20, 2018
Everybody knows at least one haunted film.

When Horror Meets Crime: Occult Detectives

Column by Repo Kempt August 14, 2018
A history of occult detectives in fiction.

From Creepypasta to Doubleday

Column by Dathan Auerbach August 7, 2018
"Penpal" author Dathan Auerbach returns with "Bad Man", and tells us how he went from Reddit to a major publisher.

10 Horror Movies from the Past Decade that Prove Horror Doesn’t Need to “Come Back”

Column by Annie Neugebauer July 27, 2018
Horror doesn’t need to “come back.” Horror never went anywhere. Here are ten movies from the past decade that prove it.
Hereditary: Unconventional Horror Reigns King

Hereditary: Unconventional Horror Reigns King

Review by Richard Thomas July 25, 2018
One of the most powerful and unsettling horror films in recent memory, Hereditary creates tension through visually stunning imagery, psychological terror, and original plot choices.
An Interview with the Makers of Suspended in Dusk II

An Interview with the Makers of 'Suspended in Dusk II'

Interview by Annie Neugebauer July 18, 2018
It's finally here! Literary horror anthology "Suspended in Dusk II" from Grey Matter Press. To celebrate, we spoke to editor Simon Dewar and publisher Anthony Rivera.
Impractical Joker James S. Murray on Debut Novel: "Awakened"

Impractical Joker James S. Murray on Debut Novel: "Awakened"

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky
The comedian and television star discusses writing the first book of his intended trilogy.
'The Cabin at the End of the World' by Paul Tremblay

'The Cabin at the End of the World' by Paul Tremblay

Review by Meredith Borders June 26, 2018
And now for something completely different from the “A Head Full of Ghosts” author.

Book vs. Film: 'Christine'

Column by Max Booth III June 20, 2018
Stephen King and John Carpenter in the ring - who knocks who out first? The answer may not shock you!
Fangoria, Horror, Michael J. Seidlinger

Fangoria to Publish Michael J. Seidlinger's Novel 'My Pet Serial Killer'

News by Rob Hart June 1, 2018
Fangoria is back, getting into the novel business--and they've picked up 'My Pet Serial Killer' by literary man-about-town Michael J. Seidlinger, for release in September!

Project Redlight: Part 2

Column by David James Keaton May 24, 2018
The continuing adventures of David James Keaton in the screen(writing) trade.

10 of the Best Indie Horror Presses

Column by Gabino Iglesias May 18, 2018
There is a lot of great horror out there, and most of it is coming from indie presses. Here are some that need to be on your radar.
"Corpsepaint" by David Peak

"Corpsepaint" by David Peak

Review by Christopher Shultz
A convergence of metal and horror as black and bitter as the music itself.
Review "Unbury Carol" by Josh Malerman

"Unbury Carol" by Josh Malerman

Review by Christopher Shultz
The "Bird Box" author's latest novel is a wonderful and often horrifying blend of supernatural western and revisionist fairy tale.

Writing the Crime Scene: Blood

Column by Repo Kempt
A guide to writing realistic crime and horror fiction when your manuscript involves blood.

Book vs. Film: 'The Ritual'

Column by Max Booth III March 15, 2018
Comparing Adam Nevill's novel and its recent film adaptation.

Revisiting Brian Garfield’s “Death Wish”

Column by Max Booth III
A look back at Garfield's blood-soaked meditation on vigilantism.

Book Vs. Film: "-30-" Vs. "They Remain"

Column by Christopher Shultz
How does the very first Laird Barron film adaptation stand up to its source material?

Horror: Defining the Genre, Sub-genres, Styles, and More

Column by Annie Neugebauer February 22, 2018
How do we define horror? Is it speculative? What does style have to do with it? Does intensity matter? What's the difference between a sub-genre and a trend? All of your horror questions, answered.

Fun in the Funhole: Exploring Kathe Koja’s “The Cipher”

Column by Max Booth III February 19, 2018
An analysis of Dell/Abyss's first horror paperback.