Guest Blog Post by Jack Ketchum: 'That Word'

Column by Jack Ketchum September 10, 2012
As part of his Blog Tour, Jack Ketchum, the scariest man in America, drops by to tell us a story about his upcoming novel with Lucky McKee, 'I'm Not Sam.'
LitReactor Book Club: 'The Exorcist'

October Book Club Selection: 'The Exorcist' by William Peter Blatty

News by Joshua Chaplinsky
October's selection for the LitReactor Book Club is 'The Exorcist' by William Peter Blatty. Read here for details on how you can participate in the discussion.

Why The Hell Do We Want Everyone To Die and Eat Our Brains?: Zombie Fiction and The American Obsession With The End of the World

Column by Keith Rawson August 27, 2012
Death! Consumerism! The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse! Oh My! Why is zombie fiction so popular among novelists and the American public?

LURID: Welcome to the Dollhouse, Pediophobes and Agalmatophiles!

Column by Karina Wilson
Dolls are meant to be cute, right? So why do we find them downright terrifying? Introducing our first Lurid competition giveaway, 'Diary of A Creepy Ass Doll' by Stacey Leigh Brooks

10 Children's Books That Are (still) Frightening To Adults

Column by Meredith Borders August 15, 2012
Kids can handle being scared. Adults, on the other hand? Here are ten books that kids eat up that could creep out the most stoic adult.

LURID: Creepy Crawlies - Invertebrate Horror

Column by Karina Wilson August 3, 2012
Bug season is upon us! LURID takes a look at three classic pulp horror novels featuring things that crawl and ooze. You're going to need a bigger can of Raid.
Mark Wheaton Signs Multi-Book Deal For YA Series

Friday The 13th Screenwriter Signs Multi-Book Deal For YA Series

News by Kimberly Turner July 25, 2012
Mark Wheaton, screenwriter of the 2009 reboot of 'Friday The 13th' and 'The Messengers,' has signed a multi-book deal for a young adult series. How tough is the jump from horror to YA?
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Checking In On Our First Official Writing Challenge: It's Not Too Late To 'Scare Us!'

News by Rob Hart July 20, 2012
We're past the halfway point on our first official writing challenge. Time to take a measure of where we are. There's no turning back now--but there's still plenty of time to get in on the fun.

LURID: Beach Blanket Boogeymen

Column by Karina Wilson July 3, 2012
Packing for your long-dreamed-about summer vacay? You might want to take heed of some of these cautionary reads before you get on the plane.
'Scare Us!' - A LitReactor writing challenge

'Scare Us!' - LitReactor's First Official Writing Challenge Launches

News by Dennis Widmyer July 2, 2012
LitReactor launches its first official writing challenge. Be afraid. Then make us afraid. And maybe win stuff!

Book vs. Film vs. Mini Series: The Shining

Column by Karina Wilson June 26, 2012
King vs. Kubrick vs. King? Who gets to smack who down in the three-way Tragedy of the Overlook Hotel?
Stephen King's 'It'

Stephen King's 'It' Coming To The Big Screen...Twice

News by Kimberly Turner June 11, 2012
Warner Bros. is bringing Stephen King's 1100-page horror masterpiece 'It' to cinemas in the form of a two-movie series.

Storyville: Writing Horror Stories

Column by Richard Thomas June 6, 2012
What does it take to write a terrifying story? Every tool in your writer's toolbelt.
LitReactor's First Official Writing Challenge: "Scare Us"

LitReactor's First Official Writing Challenge: "Scare Us"

News by Dennis Widmyer June 4, 2012
Announcing our first official writing challenge. Write a horror story for the month of June and submit it to the site starting on July 1st. Details await inside.

LURID: Grimmly Fiendish - The Horror in Fairy Tales

Column by Karina Wilson June 1, 2012
As 'Snow White And The Huntsman', another 'adult re-imagining' of a classic fairy tale hits our movie screens, Lurid takes a look at the raw horror content of the originals.

LURID: Jaws - Back In The Water

Column by Karina Wilson May 29, 2012
Happy Memorial Day! Now's as good a time as any to start thinking about your beach reads for the lazy days of summer 2012. So Lurid takes another look at the much-maligned 1970s bestseller, 'Jaws.'
Exorcist Miniseries

Exorcist Miniseries In The Works Without Blatty

News by Kimberly Turner May 25, 2012
After years of speculation, a 10-episode miniseries version of William Peter Blatty's classic horror novel, 'The Exorcist,' is finally being shopped to networks. Exciting news or sacrilege?
William Peter Blatty sues Georgetown

William Peter Blatty, Exorcist Scribe, Takes Georgetown to Catholic Court

News by Karina Wilson May 22, 2012
Another 85 year old white man jumps into the Reproductive Rights debate. The author of 'The Exorcist' is planning a lawsuit against his alma mater for going against Catholic doctrine on the issue.

LURID: It's Alive! The Top 10 Mad Scientists of Literature!

Column by Karina Wilson May 18, 2012
From Prometheus (Aeschylus) to Prometheus (Scott): Top ten pick of the most enduringly mad scientists in horror fiction, both before and after the reality of Dr. Josef Mengele.

LURID: Autopsy Moxie

Column by Karina Wilson May 3, 2012
Do you read dead people? Lurid looks at our fascination with violent deaths and the fine forensic minds who make sense out of senseless killing.
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5 Questions with LitReactor's Master of Horror, Jack Ketchum; 'Talking Scars' Starts May 7

Interview by Rob Hart April 27, 2012
Jack Ketchum joins LitReactor for 'Talking Scars,' a four-week class that will reveal the dynamics for how to craft compelling horror and suspense stories. You'll want to write with the lights on.

LURID: Aleister Crowley - Print The Legend!

Column by Karina Wilson April 26, 2012
Aleister Crowley shaped the twentieth century in all kinds of strange ways. Lurid takes a look at the legend behind the man, and how the facts of his wild life manifested in all kinds of fiction.

LURID: Bedeviled - The Exorcist and Other Stories of Demonic Possession

Column by Karina Wilson April 16, 2012
More than 40 years after 'The Exorcist', demonic possession is still big business on the bestseller lists, at the box office, and at houses of worship across the US. Lurid looks at the devil inside.

How to Tell a True Horror Story: Cabin In The Woods

Column by Stephen Graham Jones April 13, 2012
If 'Cabin in the Woods' is a love letter to the horror genre, then this is a love letter to 'Cabin in the Woods.'
'I Am Legend' Vampire Novel Of The Century

Richard Matheson's 'I Am Legend' Named Vampire Novel Of The Century

News by Rob Hart April 5, 2012
Matheson's novel, about a lone human surviving a world overrun by vampires, was picked for the award that was created in conjunction with the estate of Bram Stoker.