Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Bram Stoker Awards®

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Bram Stoker Awards®

Interview by Sadie Hartmann June 17, 2022
An interview prompted by a tweet. I saw some speculation on the process used to determine Bram Stoker Award nominees and winners. I wanted to dig into this information a little.

The Books of Horror Facebook Group: Readers Take Over

Column by Jay Wilburn June 1, 2022
The Books of Horror Facebook group is reshaping the indie horror scene.

Things to Do in Denver StokerCon When You're Dead

Column by Christoph Paul May 26, 2022
Damn, I've been touring for the past 5 weeks and and just finished up with StokerCon. Should you go next year? Read on and find out.

10 Horror Books Perfect for Summer

Column by Sadie Hartmann May 19, 2022
Horror fiction recommendations perfect for lounging poolside or when you're at some outdoor social event like a BBQ and want your nose in a book instead of having to force small talk.

The Impact of Scares That Care

Column by Jay Wilburn May 5, 2022
Scares That Care has had a significant impact on the horror industry by helping those in need, and they are expanding.
Dark Horrorsong: An Interview with Joe Koch

Dark Horrorsong: An Interview with Joe Koch

Interview by Sadie Hartmann April 18, 2022
When I think of hot titles releasing in 2022, CONVULSIVE by Joe Koch is at the top of the list. To celebrate the book's publication, I took the opportunity to have a chat with Joe.

10 Dark Recommendations for National Poetry Month 2022

Column by Sadie Hartmann April 6, 2022
In honor of National Poetry Month, and because dark/horror poetry made me feel accepted as a newly formed poetry fan, here are some collections I've read or want to read in celebration.
Catriona Ward interview

Catriona Ward: Learning to Fail

Interview by Jena Brown April 4, 2022
The author of "The Last House on Needless Street" discusses her latest book, why she loves horror, and why failure is a necessary skill for every writer to learn.

Friday the 13th: Even Better Than the Real Thing

Column by Tony McMillen
Tony McMillen talks writing and drawing Jason Vorhees—without permission.

Storyville: From Baseline to Variation—How to Set and Expand Expectations

Column by Richard Thomas
How to set the baseline and then take your readers somewhere else entirely.

5 Short Speculative Stories with Unusual Formats

Column by Sara Tantlinger March 17, 2022
A list featuring 5 short speculative stories with unusual or experimental formatting.
A Collision of Fictional Worlds in Gothic Horror

Beverley Lee & Nicole Eigener: A Collision of Fictional Worlds in Gothic Horror

Interview by Andrew Fowlow
A collaboration birthed in the darkest depths of horror fiction. A collision of two fictional worlds from the talented minds of Beverley Lee and Nicole Eigener.

What Are Your Favorite Horror Authors Afraid Of?

Column by Gabino Iglesias February 22, 2022
I asked some of my favorite horror writers if they had any childhood fears that shape their work. Their answers blew me away.
Valancourt Books on Horror Stories from Around the World

Valancourt Books on Horror Stories from Around the World

Interview by Sadie Hartmann February 16, 2022
"Horror really is a worldwide phenomenon, and if you look hard enough you can find it almost anywhere in the world." - James D. Jenkins

15 Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2022

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 26, 2022
Here is a very incomplete list of books you should be excited about this year.

Stephen King’s 10 Most Underrated Novels From a Guy Who's Read Them All

Column by Jay Wilburn January 10, 2022
Stephen King has written a lot of novels over the past half century. You may have opinions about his best or his worst books. But what about his most underrated? The hidden treasures?

Cheers for Fears: 10 Book and Cocktail Pairings to Celebrate the New Year

Column by Sadie Hartmann December 27, 2021
I can't think of a better way to usher in the new year than with a good book and a tasty cocktail in your hand.

Writing Lessons Learned from 80s Horror Movies

Column by Jay Wilburn
1980 was over 40 years ago. 80s horror movies are now all classics or didn't stand the test of time. Either way, they can teach us a lot about good and bad writing.

10 Indie Holiday Horror Reads

Column by Andrew Fowlow
'Tis the season to be scary, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with some spine-chilling tales of nightmare-inducing terror?

10 Holiday Gifts to Give Your Horror Hound

Column by Sadie Hartmann December 6, 2021
Need suggestions on what to buy the Horror Hound in your life this holiday season? Have no fear. I have some great ideas!

The Hunt for Horror: Using Short Fiction to Navigate A Genre

Column by Sadie Hartmann
Here's how to build your horror library and discover new favorite authors without spending all your money, wasting precious reading time, or taking up space on your shelves.

Storyville: The Books You Should Read Every Year

Column by Richard Thomas November 11, 2021
Some suggestions on the books writers should read every year.
The Science of Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence

The Science of Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence

Interview by Sadie Hartmann
The hosts of the genre-specific, hit podcast Horror Rewind have written a series of non-fiction books, "The Science of..." Find out more about the women behind all this spooky research.