The Bookish Hugeness Of Fall 2022

Column by Peter Derk June 23, 2022
Summer is garbage for books and for life, but fall will come and save us all.

Reading Haruki Murakami: A Primer

Column by Michael David Wilson March 19, 2019
An introduction into the wonderful surrealist world of Haruki Murakami.

The Case For and Against Bob Dylan's Nobel Win

Column by Peter Derk April 7, 2017
Does Dylan deserve the Nobel in Literature? Is the answer blowin' in the wind?

Storyville: Writing Contemporary Magical Realism

Column by Richard Thomas March 21, 2017
Tips on how to write contemporary magical realism.

10 Japanese Authors You Should Read

Column by Gabino Iglesias March 17, 2017
Culturally speaking, The Land of the Rising Sun has much to offer, and their literary output is definitely something you should keep on your radar.
Tour Murakami's Workspace

Tour Murakami's Workspace

News by Peter Derk August 19, 2015
A little light voyeurism? Take a tour of Murakami's workspace.

Five Books to Read in the Dead of Winter

Column by Emma McMorran Clark January 9, 2015
Winter isn't done with you yet. Here are five books to help you cope.
 Author Advice Murakami, George R. R. Martin

Sharpen Your Pencils, Sharpen Your Skills: Author Advice for 2015

News by Peter Derk January 7, 2015
We've got 3 different outlets for author advice in 2015. Penguin Random House, Haruki Murakami, and George R. R. Martin.

Let's Talk Literature: 6 Books That Are Great Conversation Starters

Column by Christine J. Schmidt August 25, 2014
Reading these books in public has been linked to newfound literary friendships.
Bookshots: 'Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage' by Haruki Mura

Bookshots: 'Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage' by Haruki Murakami

Review by Christopher Shultz August 12, 2014
Like the titular character, Murakami's new novel lacks a certain vitality and color, and handles a difficult subject matter with an off-putting flippancy.
New Free Murakami Story Reverses Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"

New Free Murakami Story Reverses Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"

News by Dean Fetzer October 24, 2013
In anticipation of the new translation of 'Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage', The New Yorker has published a new story by the Japanese author.
English Translation of New Murakami Book to be Finished by End of Year

English Translation of New Murakami Book to be Finished by End of Year

News by Dean Fetzer August 15, 2013
The English-reading world should see the new Haruki Murakami novel — currently selling a million copies in a week in Japan — some time in 2014.

Peeling Back the Onion: 5 Books That Subvert Narrative Expectation

Column by Christopher Shultz
For twisty narratives that keep you guessing right up until the very end, you could do a lot worse than these five books.

Storyville: 3 Essential Books You Should Read in Every Major Genre

Column by Richard Thomas June 14, 2013
Here are three essential books you should read in every major genre.
Korean Rights to Murakami’s Latest A Record-setting $1.5 Million

New Haruki Murakami Novel Sets Record for Advance in Korea - $1.5 Million!

News by Dean Fetzer June 3, 2013
After a fierce battle, Minumsa, a Korean publisher, has won the rights to his new novel, ‘Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage’.
Haruki Murakami Diary app

New Murakami Diary App Released by Random House

News by Dean Fetzer
Now you can replace the Calendar on iPhone and iPad with a custom Haruki Murakami Diary app…

10 Science Fiction Books That I Love (And You Will At Least Like A Lot)

Column by Jon Korn March 20, 2012
As the new guy around the site, Jon Korn introduces himself via the favorite medium of everyone from David Letterman to Yahweh- science fiction.

Writing in the Negative

Column by Jon Gingerich February 22, 2012
Sometimes the most compelling elements of a story are the ideas and themes that are hinted at but aren't placed directly on the page.
Book sales at brick-and-mortar stores are up!

Print Book Sales Are Up, Shocking Everyone

News by Rob Hart December 13, 2011
Despite fears that eReaders would gouge print book sales this holiday season, book stores are actually showing higher profits compared to last year.
Bad Sex in Literature

Lit Mag Announces Nominees For Year's Worst Sex Scenes In Literature

News by Rob Hart November 22, 2011
Every year, the Literary Review honors the most terribly-written, horribly contrived sex scenes with the Bad Sex in Literature award, and here are the nominees...
'1Q84' by Haruki Murakami

'1Q84' by Haruki Murakami

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky November 11, 2011
Murakami's latest is an epic genre mash-up that takes its time and does a whole lot of things right.