Content Marketing for Authors

Column by Peter Derk May 11, 2021
The least gross form of a very gross thing: Marketing.

Book Promotion Scams You Can Try From Home!

Column by Peter Derk
Learn to sell books like a flim-flam man. A matchstick man. A snake oil salesman.

The Internet Has Become The Bookstore Front Window

Column by Erik Wecks November 29, 2012
A successful marketing campaign used to mean a prized place in the front window of a bookstore. Now authors have to find new ways to get their books in front of prospective readers on the internet.

Ask The Agent: Guerrilla Marketing And What You Should Expect From An Agent

Column by Bree Ogden October 15, 2012
How important is guerrilla marketing and what should an agent actually do for you? On this installment of Ask the Agent with Bree Ogden.