Footnotes: 'King Lear' and 9 More Books Masquerading in Other Genres

Column by Ryan Peverly October 20, 2014
Browse a bookshelf and chances are you'll find several titles that aren't exactly as they appear — books in costume, masquerading in one genre when they're really something else entirely.

Footnotes: Fifty Years of Roald Dahl's Chocolate Factory

Column by Ryan Peverly
A story about a kid winning a chance to visit a mysterious candy factory that touches on themes of consumerism, the economy, racism, and the cutthroat competition among corporate manufacturers.

Footnotes: Psycho

Column by Ryan Peverly June 5, 2014
Robert Bloch introduced the modern Everyman psychopath with 1959s "Psycho", a seminal work that ushered a new fascination with horror into popular culture.

Footnotes: The Weird, Horrific Birthplace of 'True Detective'

Column by Ryan Peverly April 3, 2014
You saw the show, loved it, and you've had a few weeks to digest it. Now, let's revisit the darkness that was HBO's 'True Detective'-where it came from and what it's done for the weird fiction genre.

Footnotes: The Bearable Lightness of the Extraterrestrial Being

Column by Ryan Peverly March 20, 2014
'Tis the first day of Spring, but today also marks a "holiday" many are unaware of: Extraterrestrial Abduction Day. In celebration, let's examine the impact of little green men on fiction and culture.

Footnotes: The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Love Affair

Column by Ryan Peverly February 14, 2014
The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre helped re-establish the antihero in fiction, established a new genre of choice for Americans, and remembering it is the best way to celebrate a bullshit holiday.

Footnotes: The Clues Poe Left Behind

Column by Ryan Peverly January 20, 2014
Poe is the father of the detective story and countless other things, but he's also responsible for society's crazed interest in cryptography and the most mysterious story of all -- his death.

Footnotes: On Vonnegut and the Semicolon

Column by Ryan Peverly November 12, 2013
In honor of Kurt Vonnegut's 91st birthday, a look back at how the late author shaped this columnist's writing career.

Footnotes: The Walking Dead Is What We've Always Been

Column by Ryan Peverly October 10, 2013
If 'The Walking Dead' has taught us one thing, it's that we are what we've always been.

Footnotes: The Old Sport of Gatsby's America

Column by Ryan Peverly September 18, 2013
"The Great Gatsby" has personified America since its publication in 1925 – hopeful, cocksure, ambitious, and ignorant.

Footnotes: Catch-22's Place in American History

Column by Ryan Peverly August 15, 2013
Despite a lackluster response to its initial publication, "Catch-22" went on to define a country's moral and political outlook.