Guilty Pleasures: 6 Pulp Treasures You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Reading On Your Daily Commute

Column by Cath Murphy April 24, 2014
Tired of taping a Dickens cover over your copy of Dan Brown? Defy intellectual snobbery with these excellent pulp choices for the daily commute.

Incest Is Best: A Look at One of Society's Greatest Taboos as Presented in Fiction

Column by Leah Rhyne March 31, 2014
Incest is If you can't keep it in your pants, at least keep it in the family? A squirm-worthy look at one of society's greatest taboos.

LURID: Flowers In The Attic

Column by Karina Wilson January 20, 2012
My personal Bad Book: V.C. Andrews' "spellbinding classic", Flowers In The Attic.