Writing Comics vs. Writing Novels

Column by Tony McMillen May 6, 2019
Tony McMillen, "An Augmented Fourth" author and creator of the comic book "Lumen", talks the difference between writing prose and writing for comics.

How to Hide Exposition Through Action

Column by Justin Hunter
"Show, don't tell," they say. But telling is necessary. It's just a matter of doing it right. Hide your exposition through action.

Wake Up and Stop Writing Dream Sequences

Column by Max Booth III April 23, 2015
All books and movies possess individual universes fabricated with their own set of rules. Dreams allow these rules to be broken. When not handled well, they can be viewed as a sign of weakness.

When To Show, When To Tell

Column by Jon Gingerich November 25, 2011
Maintaining action is paramount in fiction, but sooner or later we’ll need to deliver expository details for our stories to make sense. So, how do writers engage while providing character depth?